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Retin a = the devil

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Retin is now officially my arch nemesis. I have had it prescribed along with a course of antiobiodics and benzaclin which i really like btw. Anyhow, everynow and then my face will be looking really good using benzaclin / sa washes 2x a day and im like ima kill it ALL and put on that damned retin cream. a day to two days later i have peeling at the magnitude which god has never seen before.... and redness. Overall it feels like a 3rd chapped lip i had in 3rd grade, except my entire face feels & looks this way.

I dont buy into the, it looks worse at first but it will get better! inflaming your pimples to the point of popping and having your skin severly chapped to the point where i have rip marks on the corners of my mouth, chin and elsewhere is absolute bullshit. Sure, sucking out all the bad stuff will help maybe 6 months down the road.... but the scarring / skin damage you receive while you use these miracle product's is hardly justification.

my advice to anyone, if your derm tries to prescribe you this bullshit of a drug, tell them to stick an elongated pumpkin sideways up their ass. seasonal greetings.

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i amd using the same as u retin-a and benzaclin.

now dont blame it completly on retin-a because with myexperienceds benzaclin dries your skin out more probably the reason your skin gets dried out more when u put the retin-a on is probably because ur putting 2 different really drying creams on

oh by the way what % retin-a are you using?

just my 2-cents


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I know lots of folks do the Retin-A and clear up. But, on my skin that stuff was like smearing toxic waste on my skin.I had blotchy chemical burns, so I went to a different derm who couldn't believe how bad a reaction I had. I don't have sensitive skin normally, so you just never know.I'm not a Retin-A supporter either.

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it just goes to sho how every one is sooooooooooo different i have dry skin and acne,my skin feels dry the second i wash it,however i used retin a cream it didnt dry my skin out it got rid of spots then just stopped working i find bp worse,which is why i switched to tera tree oil.

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