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Blackhead Hole?

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I was cleaning my face tonight when this one large blackhead that I've had in the center of my nose just popped off, plug and all. I was happy until I looked in the mirror and saw the huge gaping hole where the blackhead used to be. I thought, well it's just a temporary scar, but just to be safe, I googled it. From what I read, they are permanent, and I'm freaking out because this whole is obvious and huge! I tried covering it with makeup and my sister came up and said, "woah, why is there a hole on your nose?" I'm just getting clear from acne and I really don't need this! Is there any way to make these empty pores go away?

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The thing about those deep, stretched out nose pores is that they fill up again almost immediately, just because of their location. Especially if you wear glasses/sunglasses. Get on the pore while its open with toner and spot treatment (salicylic and/or bpo, or hydrogen peroxide, you can do a lot to your nose and it will bounce back) and make it part of your nightly routine. It probably won't scar, but it probably will become another blackhead that you'll be battling for years.

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I've gotten those blackhead holes you're talking about, and I do what the person above said - hit it with some salicylic acid or BP to kill any germs in there, and then just leave it alone. I've found that one or two days later, I can't see the hole anymore!

Good luck, and don't stress out too hard over it :) Your skin is resilient and will heal itself.

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Okay, wow, I'm so relieved. I'm on the Regimen and I put the normal BP all over my face last night, including over the pore so it definitely got in there. When I checked this morning I couldn't even see the hole anymore.

Thanks so much!

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