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22, Male, 80Mg/day, Accutane Log

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My Personal Accutane Log

I have been recording a personal log in my phone for my own benefit when I figured I should share the information as it could be helpful to others.

Brief History:

I have had acne for about 10 years now, it started when I was about 12. It was quite mild when I was a pre-teen and slowly got worse as I approached my college years. I also have had psoriasis my entire life, so I'm quite familiar with skin issues. Throughout my teenage and college years, I have tried many different prescription drugs (oral and topical). Some would work temporarily at decreasing my acne but nothing was great. Finally, when I was 20, I was prescribed Accutane. I took 20mg/day for 6 months and then 40mg/day for 4 months. By the end of the treatment, my acne was gone. 7 months later - it comes back. It has continued to get worse and I have started a second round of Accutane.

My acne is not severe, but it is persistent and has been reluctant to other medications. On top of that, I am an actor so the health of my skin is very important to my career. These are the reasons why I have been prescribed Accutane.. again.

Like I said, I am using this log for my own curiosity and to share with others who want information, have questions and would like to relate. I found it difficult finding other logs from men my age that are doing a second treatment and only have moderate acne. So, if you are out there, hopefully this log will help you find what you are looking for.



No symptoms until Day 4 when IB happened. Following IB, dry lips and face began as well as a sore throat. No improvement in acne.

DAY 1: N/S (No Symptoms)

DAY 2: Mild eye irritation - used eye drops and they were better

DAY 3: N/S

DAY 4: IB (Initial Breakout) begins, mild

DAY 5: Mild dry lips, Mild dry face

DAY 6: Mild dry lips, mild dry face, mild sore throat - could be unrelated

DAY 7: Mild/Moderate dry lips, mild dry face, mild facial redness, mild sore throat, mild dehydrated



Lips and face getting drier, needing to consistently drink a lot of water and new pimples. No improvement in acne.

DAY 8: Moderate dry lips, mild dry face, mild facial redness, mild breakout (2-3 new pimples), mild dehydration

DAY 9: Moderate dry lips, mild/moderate dry face, mild facial redness, mild breakout (1 new pimple), mild dehydration

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