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I've had light to moderate acne since I was in the 3rd grade and I'm 16 now. I have gone to differen dermatologists and the last one I went to was pretty good. Except she would give me a bunch of pills that I were probably harming my body. The wash she gave me seemed to work well though. She said I had cystic acne. Recently I stopped going to her because they no longer took my insurance. I was looking at other dermatologists in my area but most of the decent ones don't take my insurance. I didnt wanna go anywhere too far because I know my dad doesn't like taking me and I feel bad. So recently I baught a bunch of new products to try and I spent a lot of money on them, and I know a dermatologist is better but I just wanted to try befor I go to one far away. My skin isn't bad now I'm just worried that the products aren't working for me or it won't work. I just feel really bad I spent all my parents money on these new stuff for it not to work. I'm really insecure and nobody I know even knows how bad it is, I just discovered it myself today. I just don't know what to do, any advice? Thank you!

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First of all calm down!

You already spent that money so worrying about it will not bring it back. It is done. If you just focus on right now and deal with it, you will feel better. Do not look into the future too much, we tend to create problems in our head. Fear ruins everything.

On YouTube there are many helpful meditation videos that calm down nerves.

It was logical for you to buy those products, so you did. Now use them, see if they help. If they don't, oh..well, you will just try something else.You will be just fine.

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