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Regimen 1 Year Mark - Acne Relapse, Need Help With Possible Acne Triggers

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Hi Everyone,

Just to provide a little background on me; I am a 24 year old male with light-moderate acne. I have tried numerous acne treatments, dermatologist prescribed as well, excluding Accutane, and nothing has seemed to work as well as the Regimen, however, after 1 year of almost clear skin with the Regimen, I now have acne reemerging, which has been persisting for the past 3 months (about 4-5 pimples a week).

This has been a struggle for me because I can not isolate what is exactly triggering me to break out. I follow the the Regimen as specifically laid out, I use the Acne.org products, I have read the biggest mistakes page / advice page numerous times, my diet and exercise have stayed the same, and I try to eliminate irritation at all costs.

The only noticeable difference in my life when I started breaking out again while on the Regimen was I moved back to the midwest from California, which I was there for 4 months. While I was in the midwest previous to California my skin was clear, when I moved to California my skin was clear, but when I went back to the midwest earlier this summer my skin started going crazy.

The only other difference is my job now has me in a warehouse where I sometimes get sweaty and I'm also on the floor at different manufacturing facilities, but I'm always conscious about touching my face and letting any dirt or grit get on it.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone in the community has had a similar problem with the Regimen, and/or possible solutions that may help me.


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What are you stress levels like? I'm your age too and a guy, you would think by now we would be acne free and have smooth skin like our peers.

My stress and anxiety levels are through the roof. Mainly because I am in graduate school and have a ton of things to do. When I first started school my acne became acne lot worse than it was in the past.

No matter what I did topically or orally, if my stress levels weren't at bay, nothing was going to work for my acne.

Basically, what I am trying to say is, if you are stressing on the inside, it's going to show on the outside in some form no matter what meds or topicals you use.

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I would not say my stress is through the roof, but sadly my primary stress is a result of my acne. Hopefully I have not feed into a negative feedback loop of breakouts :(

Not sure if this is a result of stress or not, but I have noticed that when I was almost clear on the Regimen the seldom pimples I got tended to not be inflamed (few whiteheads that would surface here and there, but not noticeable). However, in the past 3 month, while still on the Regimen, the onslaught of breakouts I get are usually inflamed (inflamed white heads).

Do you think this could be an issue of stress or possibly other factors???

Appreciate all of the help!

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I'm not quite sure if this is helpful because my sister isn't or wasn't on the regimen when she moved. But here's the story: she moved overseas from the East Coast and suddenly her acne kind of went hay wire. She's never really had that much acne in her life, but when she went there she started breaking out. I think it's possible that maybe the air/weather could of caused a breakout.

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I noticed that I broke out after around a year of following the regimen but I discovered that I was being less "gentle" with my skin. I had started slapping on the product and really rubbing it in (rather than gently moving it around) my face to get it on quickly. Once I started being gentle again, a few weeks later the breakouts stopped and cleared.

Sometimes its something as simple as a very small change.

Good luck with discovering what the issue is....i'm sure you're finding it incredible frustrating saywhat.gif

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Don't know if you figured out what was causing the relapse or not but here are a few things to consider that I found which dramatically changed my breakouts and could be a solution.

1) the laundry detergent you are using. If you recently changed detergents resupplying after the move it could be a cause. I found out I was slightly allergic to some fragrances used in detergents; so if you are be cautious the slight irritation will cause your skin to be more susceptible to breakouts.

2) (kind of down the same line) change in shaving cream. It could be a fragrance, a stronger drying effect, abrasiveness of menthol, or just a poor lather causing your razor to do the irritation instead.

2b) Since I mentioned shaving thought I would throw this in as a suggestion. Look into safety razors if you don't already use one!

They are gentler on your skin. If each razor = X amount of irritation then the 5 razor cartridges have to be 5 times worse for your skin.

+ They are cheaper in the long run and I have never had a closer shave.

3) The warehouse because of the atmosphere I would suggest getting some oil absorbing wipes to use periodically throughout the day.

Hope this will help!

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What came to my mind is difference in sun exposure, and Vitamin D3 intake. From personal experience, taking D3 didn't do anything too noticeble, but for my mom, it completely stopped her hormonal breakouts on her chest. It just dried them up completely within days.

Someone on these boards posted how that's the one thing that completely cleared him up.

Most of us are D3 deficient anyways, and it's super cheap, so I don't think it would hurt to try it out.

Let us know if you decide to try it and how it works for you. :)

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