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Skin Cancer?

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Okay guys, im actually crying right now..

For the last 2 years I have had this red pimple occur on my nose, except its not a normal pimple, Its almost like a little blister, a bubble that can be drained and heals within a week

ive only had it 4 times in the last 2 years.

However, the last 2 times it came in quick succession...I havent had bad sunburn in the past and i never use tanning beds..

but this isnt normal.

'its all dry and scabby atm because i drained it last week but when it happens again, i know it will, i will try and upload a picture.

I dont understand what else it can be

It usually occurs after ive been in the sun, i use differin does that mean anything? do you think its a reaction between differin and the sun? or is it cancer?

i hope its not cancer guys but it doenst seem to be healing at all.

i looked at some pics on the internet and theres a few that look kinda similar.

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pls post pic if u can!

yesterday my tip of nose suddenly without any obv reason became red nd slightly puffed up. i just lost my shit, looking like a clown again =_= so might be something similar to u! hope tht makes u feel a little better lol. i put bunch of zinc cream on it overnight now, it reduced it

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i cant post a pic yet because i drained it the other day and now its just dry scabby skin...it will come back...

It only happens when i get sweaty or in the heat

do you think it could be hydrosystoma?

im so upset

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i have no idea wht tht is
zinc cream, i rly think it could help u, srsly from all tht i know from here n self this seem like nly 1 to use (nt even tto or bp or vinegar or salicyc)
well mayb raw aloe could help a bit
honey is ok to put on it i think, bt there wont be much effects, its just to improve area bt it will take for looong
something moisturising for scab (id try putting bunch of moisturiser on it, to make it kinda soak in it, leave for hours then gently pluck off scab, it should come off easily without tearing skin)
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Skin cancer isn't something that will crop up from time to time. It also usually presents itself in a mole first. Some moles visible and some not.

My suggestion is to get yourself into a dermatologist for a skin check ASAP. See if your worried is valid.

My guess it's just a zit. If you can drain it and it has happened twice in 4 years.

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Calm down a bit, please, don't cry yet. I would recommend you to see a dermatologist before you make anything rash.

I only have one question for you: Does the 《thing》have a regular shape?

If so, I could be a blood beauty mark (sorry about the term, I don't know how is it in English, in Spanish is "lunar de sangre")

I recommend you to see a professional just in case.

Here is a picture of normal beauty marks vs cancer.



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But BCC does come and go and presents itself as a white pearl, its not a pimple, ive had underground pimples and cysts etc and this seems like a blister...it is always in the exact same spot.

when it comes back im going to see someone, i feel too scared to make my family worry, they are all the way in japan and stressing them out will not help me...

i dont know what to do...im an international student in england, do i just go to gp?

ive been researching it all day and now im so depressed, i think it is bcc...it matches most things, its just not a mole but it doesnt have to be

its the same shape, texture etc every time and comes up in a night, no warning and no pain.

it is very squishy to the touch and with a small prick of a needle, liquid comes out and crusts up.

i dont know what to do, i cant see anyone atm as its just a red patch of skin now, and not raised or suspicious looking.

next time im also not going to pop it and see if it hardens or whatever,

do i stay in uk or go home? so confused and depressed

also ive been using differin for about a year and read that it can cause bcc...

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i dont have any zinc cream

Im too scared to tell anybody i know...

Its gone flat and red again now...shall i see my doctor now and tell her that it raises sometimes, they can take a biopsy on the flat skin?...

also cytic bcc is mushy so i think i have that...

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where do i buy it from, a pharmacy.

Im in UK, do they have it?

I have very pale sensitive skin (japanese) and i dont want to irritate it even more

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hey if ur sensitive then mayb dont use zinc afterall!
or anything else such either?
i think u could try putting honey on it bt it will take time
or moisturiser for sensitive skin, if ur rly paranoid abt ur skin probs organic one too
i think aloe will be irritating for u too
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Not to scare you, but my aunt had a similar pimple looking bump on her temple that would not go away, and it did turn out to be a form of skin cancer. Nothing near as bad as melanoma, but still... cancer is cancer. It's best to have a doctor do a biopsy of it. I know it's a scary thought, but you need to be proactive about your health.

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I wouldn't bother with zinc creams or honey. Go see a dermatologist or a GP and have them take a biopsy... Seriously. It could be nothing, but what if it is? Get it taken care of.

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Unfortunately I am unable to see a GP.

I was studying masters and sw the university gp practice, but now that i have finished my masters i am not part of the practice anymore. They wont see me and i dont know what to do.

Dermatologists are hard to find in uk

This is what I have:

recuring blister on nose, it only appears after going in the sun whilst on differin. It was never hard, but soft and squishy.

it usually bursts and leaves behind some PIH.

At the moment i have some dry red skin there because i had one 2 weeks ago.

It does not resemble a pimple at all, nor does it look like a nodule.

it never stays but rather comes and goes and the skin is probably damsged.

People who say that you cant get skin cancer at 21, you can. It is rare but you can,

I have very fair skin and tend to scar easily.

Is there somewhere i can go as an international student, uk seems to be hard for me to secure a practice.

I am going back to japan in november so i dont want to wait,

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