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Looking For A Natural Solution Rather Then Accutane

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About four months ago..i had a minor break out freaked out...from severe stress and trauma...went to dermatologists..and boom it turned cystic...now im suffering with extreme anxiety and possible depression...ive been on Accutane for a little over a week but im tired of taking all these pills antidepressants and Accutane...I mean yes I do have cystic acne maybe stress hormone related? is there another solution other then Accutane or I should just stick with it...my skin is already scarring..im so depressed

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Hi! I am starting accutane today. I have to say I am starting it because I tried every natural thing possible (extreme elimination diets, every conceivable supplement, home face treatment, etc.) and none of it worked, then a lot of prescription topicals and antibiotics. The only thing that helped me at all was Atralin (retin-a/topical tretinoin) but not 100%. I would stick with the accutane. Did you start or stop the pill recently? Stopping the pill is what gave me acne, and also really affected my mood.

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There's a great deal you can do for anxiety, stress and mood, many of which also improve acne in other ways besides the stress. There are many nutrients involved. Adaptogen herbs, daylight, proper sleep, contact with nature.

Calming or meditative exercise or tasks. Walking in nature, gardening, yoga, tai chi, hoop dancing. I guess people find the monotony of jogging to be meditative. Focusing on a task that doesn't let you think about anything else. Ive heard knitter/crocheters say that about very complicated patterns.

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