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Accutane Hair Care?

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This morning I woke up with a pimple on my head under my hair and I noticed my hair is dry and my scalp is starting to get dry and itchy. I have to wash my hair every day so I wanted to know what is recommended to use as a moisturizing shampoo and/or conditioner? Is head and shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner a good choice? Or selsun blue?

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I used head and shoulders whilst I was taking Accutane. I liked the scented ones rather than the regular head and shoulders. The regular selsun blue and head and shoulders smell medicated and I never wanted my hair to smell that way. It does help with the flaking though.

Another thing I would do a deep conditioner once a week and let that sit in your hair for the length of a bath or shower. That helps. Also I'm not sure how often you are washing your hair but I would hold off on it as long as possible. When your hair starts to get oily then give it a wash. When I started Accutane I was a shower twice a day person. I would wash my hair twice a day too. Bad choice. Your hair dries out so much when you are on this drug it is crazy!

After being on Accutane so long you stop developing oils. Which is why your scalp is drying out and why your lips dry out and all that great stuff that comes along with the drug. I was able to go like a week or even more without washing my hair and it would look like I just washed it. I felt gross doing that though so I would go three or four days between washes and when I did wash I deep conditioned.

Also I took biotin to keep my hair strong. Without it my hair was really brittle and I was concerned about losing hair. It helped me keep peace of mind.

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Guest GetMeTheResults

Deep condition and use separate shampoo and conditioner because it works better in general.

After that apply leave in conditioner on damp hair and if you wish a silicone or oil based serum.

Don't blow dry or comb while wet.

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