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Fast Food Keeps My Skin Clear?

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This is probably going sound very strange, but...

So. Growing up as a teen I have always had mild acne, which has gotten much better now that I am 21 thankfully. I was and still am a big fast food eater. I am over 6 feet tall and weigh around 130 so I basically just eat whatever I feel like. That includes McDonalds and whatever other food chains.

At the start of this year I made a resolution to eat not eat fast food anymore because...well everyone told me it was just bad. I ate a lot more homecooked food and made salads with kale (because it was the fad food of the winter) and made my own juice using juicers and what not. My acne increased significantly all winter and I had cysts under my skin. I wont say it was severe but it was seriously a big difference from any other winter I had where I was usually fairly clear. I felt tired and my head was also incredibly incredibly itchy and I had to get a prescription shampoo that did nothing for me.

Anyway I started eating fast food again regularly throughout the week around April and everything cleared up and went back to normal.

Anyone have any idea what happened? I did go to the doctor and have blood tests and I was in perfect health, no vitamin d defiency either.

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Sometimes when making big adjustments, the body goes through an adjustment period. It sucks, you feel less then and you breakout. In any event though, eating that way all the time is detramental for your health so it may be worth it to cut back and go through this detox phase regardless.

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