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13 going on 30

Lost Hope!

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I need some support guys I have been struggling with acne since the age of 13 I'm 30 now and never found the answer,my skin tends to be super dry but with breakouts.I get 2 major cyst that take forever to go away I'm wondering if accutane is the solution:( help!!

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If I were you I would ditch all of the products you've been using and try washing your face with just water and then applying apple cider vinegar (dilited with water). Or if that's too drastic step for you, simply replace the toner you currently use with apple cider vinegar.

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if your acne has been going on that long i would look into spiro. it works really well especially if you have hormonal acne. where do you normally breakout?

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Well I've been doing retin A dayli and it cleared me then acne came back I will get acne by my nose front forehead at times my chin.plus im on my third month of bc but I'm not taking it diligently.i did however moisturized my skin today and added coconut oil wow! I must say my skin must have been thirsty because my skin looks alot! Alot better hope this is my solution to my problem.

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I feel your pain. I've been struggling with acne since I was 12, i'm now 27. Tried all sorts of topical products and prescription drugs and it seems like nothing will ever work. I'm positive that the problem I have is based on hormones which makes it harder to control. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in this battle and you can't let spots control your life, and I KNOW, somedays it's so hard to do and overcome the reflection in the mirror.

How does the coconut oil work out so far?


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I'm currently using clindamicin and coconut oil when you are using acne products that can be drying u need to balance it out I've done alottt!!! Of reading,hey but I still can't manage to completely clear my face so I may be doing something wrong..lol

Sorry my name has changed its me 13 going on 30:) ugh idk why my password is not working

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