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ive been battling acne for about 5 years now

started from just getting acne to indented scars

havent left my house in a year because of how terrible my skin is with these ice pick scars and scarred pores it honestly makes everything look worst

i cant see my friends and too scared to go outside and let people see me

dropped out of school cant have a social life i feel like theres nothing i can do

if i didnt have this terrible disaster i can want to accomplish so much but its too depressing ....

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I can sympathize. I've lost many years to this.

Please explore this forum, there is so much to be learned.

Scars can be addressed with prescription retinoids and other home remedies, such as apple cider vinegar (balances pH so your skin can fight bacteria.)

Collagen supplements and your A-E vitamins, eating more vegetables and eliminating processed food are a start.

Use a good topical acne regimen with salicylic acid and a sulfur face mask (Proactiv or Acne Free.)

Are you having good bowel movements? If not, take 500mg magnesium with and fiber.

Don't drink coffee, eat sweets, or drink alcohol. You can do this! Don't despair until you've tried every route, and there's always Accutane.

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im taking every good vitamin last year it was working but now its just not working i feel like ....

i need to finish school , i need to do this and that but i cant cause my skin makes me too depress , i cant just keep doing this its taking too much out of my life

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