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Dan's Tea Tree Moisturizer And Nasal Passage Irritation?

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Hey guys,

I've been using Dan's moisturizer and adding 1 drop of jojoba oil to the blend. I've noticed that sometimes if it gets too close to my nasal passage (around the openings) my sinuses get incredibly inflamed.

Just wondering if this is a common problem among all of you and how far away you stay from your nose area? Obviously I'm not applying moisturizer inside the nasal passage but the fumes seem to be potent enough to cause irritation.

Also, question about tea tree oil as lip balm? I heard that a small amount ingested is dangerous and toxic? Isn't it dangerous to apply around your lips since you may drink water and accidentally ingest the jojoba oil?

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You can buy lip balms with tea tree oil, vitaminshoppe.com has one. I wouldn't apply for example, 100% tea tree oil directly to your lips, because that can be potentially dangerous. It needs to be carefully diluted so it's best to just buy one already made, they aren't very expensive.

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Tea Tree on your lips is a no-no. The skin around your nose, mouth and eyes are all no-no areas. Especially the mucous membranes in your nose (ouch!) The tissue is too thin and sensitive there, and tea tree is astringest ie. drying. You always want moist lips. Keep tea tree on your T-zone and "tire tracks" (if you get acne down your lateral cheeks and neck)

Also, jojoba oil isn't toxic. It can be applied directly to your lips.

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