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Are These Acne Scars Or Pimples Under The Skin? [Pic]

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Hello, I was just wondering if these were acne scars I had (they are flat, red spots all on both sides of my face, I used to have bad acne there but I am clear aside from the red spots under my skin) or just acne that hasn't come up. I've had these spots for a little over a year and they are still inflamed and irritated. So before I do any more research I was just wondering if they were acne scars or just stubborn pimples that I've had under my skin for about a year.post-412876-0-24743800-1406768643.jpg

Can anyone help me? I'm tired of trying cream after cream, routine after routine. I was to know how to tackle this problem. I also want to know what the problem is. Acne scars? Or acne under the skin?


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It sort of looks like a combination to me. If the spots are a couple of months old, you can tell if they are under-the-skin pimples that haven't formed yet by palpitating the skin on top of the red marks. If you feel any kind of knot or bump (or see any clogged pores) it is probably going to become inflammed again.

Another way to tell is how red it is. I figured out that if I place my finger over a red spot and press down, my skin will turn to white either way - but if it is a new pimple just forming it turns bright red again very fast. If it's just PIH, it will stay red or slowly turn back to red (i.e., maybe 2 seconds or so as opposed to almost immediatly).

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