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I Really Need Advice.. Been Suffering From Acne/ Scars For Over 6 Years.

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I need some advice on what you guys think will be the best way to treat me skin/scars. I been suffering from acne ever since i was 15. I dont want to make the post too long, but I just cant stand my face right now.

I have pretty deep ice-picked scars, and a lot of hyperpigmentation.

I have tried everything from accutane to urine-therapy, and nothing seems to work.

I'm about to call it quits... I need some advice regarding the best way to get rid of these scars.

This is my current regimen


Wash face with cetaphil and salt, B.P, and Lotion with jojoba oil.


wash face with Cetaphil, B.P, AHA


vitamin E pills, and Omega 3 pills. drink water constantly throughout the day.







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Urine therapy? No comment on that.

So accutane didn't work for you? Did you do a high enough dose? My guess is that you didn't do a high enough dose and for a long enough period of time. If your acne is resistant, like mine was in the beginning, you'd most likely need a much higher dose. At my peak I was doing 80mg / day which is quite high considering I have a smaller build. It only started to work after I doubled the dosage from 40mg/day to 80mg/day and I was on it for a solid 5 months. My cystic acne was effectively cured after one course of high dose Accutane. Some people need a second course, which is often due to the first course not being aggressive enough. Only after you resolve the acne will you be able to truly do anything about the scars.

Luckily, I do not see any major scarring, at least in the pictures you provided. You are in the best position now to prevent more cystic acne that will leave worse scarring. From my experience, if your acne is scarring, then you need to hit it hard and be very aggressive. Find a physician who takes cystic acne seriously, not just some lazy hack who just wants to write a prescription for retin-a and send you on your way.

Once the acne is under control you may consider things like subcision / suction / filler for rolling scars, TCA Cross for ice picks, dermastamping, and laser resurfacing. All of those things entail some risk, with laser and excisions being the most risky especially since you have Asian skin. Anything that causes controlled trauma to the skin will result in some sort of hyperpigmentation because you have ethnic skin. That is something you must accept if you pursue scar treatments. Plus you must have realistic expectations and realize that you will not have perfect, porcelain smooth skin but only aim for improvement (although dramatic improvement is possible).

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The thing with scarring is that you have to treat the active acne FIRST before tackling the scars. Can you list everything that you've tried?

Have you done diet changes? Topicals?

I know how frustrating the process can be as it's been 16 years treating this beast for me.

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Your acne looks much less severe than how mine was prior to doing the Regimen + tazorac and AHA which cleared my skin completely (took me two months). I went on two courses of Accutane myself, acne came back three months later both times. I was on 80mg and I was only 115 lbs so unfortunately dosage wasn't the issue. Most people seem to get cleared long term from one or two courses, however, so that is definitely an option you can reconsider. What percentage of Bp are you using? And how long have you been doing this regimen for?

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Accutane didn't work for me either, and i was on it for nearly two years. The regimen eventually worked for me, although i still get some bad breakout phases. I think you have more healing pigmentation than anything else at the moment, which is good as the actual scars will probably turn out to be far more minimal than you think.As others have said here though, focus on clearing up the acne before you try treatments for scars. One thing i saw on your list that i don't understand is the salt. Somebody may correct me on this, but i'd imagine salt would be an irritant for skin. In particular if you have acne. Also are you using the jojoba oil as a moisturiser or what? Again i'm no expert, but putting salt and oil on your skin every morning doesn't sound like it can be good for acne.

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