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Questions On Dove Soap/acv Treatment (Ph Levels In Face)

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Hey guys. So I've just recently given up on using any topical treatments perscribed by my dermatologists. I just don't see mantaining results and think my skin is just too sensitive (?) / doesn't respond well with most medications. And sorry if this is a little lengthy, it's my first post, just try to please read though.

I believe my acne is hormonal, as it is only just below my mouth, chin, and jawline area. I also have acne on my chest which I have been improving with lemon juice. I eat very healthy (grass fed meat, lots of greens, fruits, wild salmon, nuts, cage free omega 3 eggs, spices, lots of water, green tea, etc.). My diet is basically Paleo as I have recently almost completely cut out grains as well. Along with taking supplements (Chromium, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto). I also drink Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day (around 3-4 capfuls total). Pimples just always come back, specifically below my mouth on the right and left, same problem area on each side, lasting a decent amount of time and leaving a red mark. It's like clockwork. I also have basically perfect skin every where above my mouth, even if I have a breakout, there are not very red at all and gone in a day or so.

So I'm moving over to the more natural remedies. I recently just stopped using Avar cleanser (a sulfur cleanser) as after each use my spots would just be more red and seem to resurface, just when they would seem to be clearing. I also stopped using Ziana overnight.

So I'm returning to just washing my face with regular Dove unscented soap. When I used this earlier in the summer, my face was actually pretty clear, so I'm going to try to return to it, along with some other natural home remedies. I use it once in the morning in the shower, moisturizing with Cetaphil for sensitive skin after, and once at night before going to sleep, without mostuirizing after. I thought this helped my face dry out the pimples over night, but who knows if that is beneficial. I also opt for a Neutrogena salicylic acid acne foaming scrub every other day or so in the shower, in place of the Dove soap.

So I've recently been looking into the pH levels of the skin and how that is important for acne. So I know soaps (Dove) are high in alkaline, with a pH level of around 9. Our face is supposively naturally at a level of 4.5-5.5. So I was wondering if I continued with the Dove/ Neutrogena scrub, and introduced some of those combination mixes of ACV, honey, lemon juice, etc. will the acidity in the ACV and possibly lemon juice lower the pH level of my face back to its more natural level? Can anyone add input on what I should add/take away from my routine? And I may also want to try baking soda to exfoliate in the shower so any info on that for my situation would be good as well. Any input is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank You

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