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Hi guys so I decided to do a log of my current regimen with the new topical gel my derm prescribed meziana/biacna. I will attach pictures, but if you want to know a little background story of my acne, there is a post about it on my profile.

My regimen:


wash my face with spectro jel for blemish prone skin

apply spectro jel moisturizer for blemish prone skin

take 1 capsule of minocycline 50mg with breakfast


take 1 capsule of minocycline 50mg with dinner

wash my face with the same spectro jel

apply a thin layer of ziana/biacna

apply moisturizer if needed


The pictures im attaching are of my face after using ziana/biacna after 1 week, and as of right now im at the "purging stage". I also forgot to take a picture of my forehead so its just my cheeks.





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Hi guys so sorry for not updating in a while, ive been pretty busy. Its been more than month since my last update and my skin is going pretty well.

I have been doing the same skin care routine but I have started using the clarisonic mia. I recommend using it 1-2x max. especially if you are using topical gels or medication that thins out the skin. The clarisonic has helped the whiteheads on my chin and nose and it made my skin feel smoother. It hasnt done DRASTIC changes but I have been only using it for a few weeks so.

I have gone through the initial break out of the ziana/biacna, it wasnt TOO CRAZY but my face did look sun burnt, and I had maybe 2-4 pimples on each cheek and A LOT of white heads.

Im attaching a picture below of what my skin looks like now in natural lighting even though its really blurry lol. Ps sorry about

the scary black editing



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So im doing another update again.

My skin has been peeling like crazzzy! I went to the beach last week and I stupidly forgot to put on sunscreen. Since im taking a medication that thins out the skin AND a topical gel that makes it even thinner and sensitive, my skin has been very frustrating.

Im also getting a lot more breakouts, but i hope its just cause my time of the month is coming. The ziana does help fight the pimples, but unfortunately the mino or the ziana cant help my hormones.

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Thanks for the log! How is Ziana working for you? Tuesday will make 4 weeks for me. My skin is so much softer, but I am red all over. I use aveeno lotion in the am and after the ziana. Are you still using Ziana? When was it that you were consistently clear? My breakouts are smaller, but still happening.

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