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Should I Go On Accutane ?

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Hello guys,

I'm a new user here. I'm 24 years old now. I have acne on my face for a long time since I'm 13 years old ? I have tried OTC products. I really hate them because it just make my face extremely dry but it did help the acne abit. Once i stop using them , all acne came back in vengence. I stop using any tropical on my face since 2 weeks ago and my face broke out like crazy. I feel so embarassed. Even make up could not hide the raise bumps. I feel so low self esteem and dare not look at people in the eyes. I became sort of an introvert person. I feel like taking the plunge and go on accutane. My dermatologist is just going to put me on a low dose of 30 mg a week ? I really need some advice here. Any replies will be appreciated. :D

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I always suggest people work their way up to accutane. How about trying prescription topicals first or diet changes? Why risk accutane if something less invasive can clear you?

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I would also suggest diet changes first. Part of my reasoning is that accutane (isotretinoin), being a vitamin A derivative, can likely induce more severe side effects if your nutritional profile is imbalanced - especially when it comes to things like vitamin D.

If you do choose to go on accutane, I would also suggest that you begin at an actual low dose - 10mg - and increase it monthly (side effects permitting).

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