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Question About Neck/jawline Acne

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I basically only get acne on my upper neck, lower jaw area. I wash with cetaphil twice a day, keep fresh sheets and pillows, and I workout 5 or 6 sometimes 7 days a week including a sauna session followed by a shower. I eat pretty healthy, and take fish oil and a multi. On top of this I have even gotten back on the Doxycycline antibiotics and began using tretinoin.

This is what I do for my skin. I understand that antibiotics and tretinoin are not a lasting solution and right now, they are no solution at all. I have used in the past and gotten some results but not really what I am looking for as it is harsh on the skin, bacteria becomes immune to the antibiotics over time, and tretinoin/BP wash leaves face dry, flaky, and damaged. I also dont like having a peeling face.

I like to fool around with girls in my spare time so acne is a no go there. Last few weeks been avoiding social situations because my skin looks like shit and I'd rather just work on myself and fix it then spend time with my friends. I see people looking at it and I think fuck my life I'm leaving.

Well, I understand that acne is a deeper problem then just rubbing some shit on your face and expecting it to go away. I am now more strict on what I eat, drink more water, will be adding an exfoliant to my face wash, am purchasing more supplements (borage, flax, primrose)

I have been dealing with this garbage since i was like 13 and now I'm 20. I will literally do anything to make it go away..

So, for the question part, I am getting acne on only one side of my face(left) so it is up on my neck and jaw. Why is it only on one side? What further efforts can I make to control it? I get cystic acne, you know the type that lingers forever on the thick skin of my neck and my most recent nightmare has been there for over 3 weeks. Thats a long damn time for a fat red mark on my face. How can I further my efforts and fight this nightmare. I'm very disciplined and have no problem taking the necessary precautions and steps to achieve my desired outcome.

If you read all of this, I thank you and look forward to hearing any additional advice.

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