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Need Advice Please Pics Included

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Hi, here are a couple of pics. I am 22 and had bad acne from 14-20 and clearing up from 21 to present from 16 months roaccutane - which was good. Unfortunately I have no juicy pics from before, but it has improved. I don't have active spots anymore on my forehead (which is the problem area) and i dont seem to get spots anywhere else on my face, only my forehead. Although I haven't had a 'spot' per se for about 6months, you can see that I have scarring form years of spots in the same place.. I wanted you guys' opinions on my scars: what type they are, how severe etc and any treatments. Don't be afraid to be rude, i can take it


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Hey man, I know it's all relative, but I don't see a single scar from the pics you provided. Seriously, I would kill to have your skin.

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I see a few scars, but nothing dramatic. I would move cautiously. Except for a non-acne scar on my forehead, which responded great to Re:pair, I never dealt with acne scars on the forehead and that appears to be your major issue. Re:pair would probably work for your forehead, but that is a rather dramatic step for a 22 year old. Try the dermaroller first, and give it plenty of time. You seem to have a high forehead so another possibility may be hair transplants to bring the hairline down a bit. hairrestorationnetwork.com Choose a doctor wisely, and there are discussions on this very topic.

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You're usually need to use harsh lighting if you want any hope of seeing scars in pictures, especially since your camera doesn't seem to be focusing very well. From what I can currently see though, your skin looks fine. I'd question that mustache though ;)

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lol a hair transplant, im fine about my hairline, doesnt bother me. I just wanted to get some opinions on the scars :), i know the pics are bad quality they were taken on a macbook. And noted about the mustache :P

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