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Should I Even Consider Antibiotics?

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Hi all! For 3 months I've been using Differin+Aczone and have seen little improvement. I have an appointment for the first week in August and last time I was at the derm,she suggested antibiotics if the topicals didn't work

. My opnion is that antibiotics are over perscribed and by what I've read in the reviews is that it messes with your gut...? But depending on its effectivness i might consider it. Would it actually get rid of my acne? and Is it worth it?

Also if this helps , I have Moderate acne covering both cheeks, some chin, and lots of closed comodones on my fore head, and some blackheads on my nose and I believe i am allergic to BP.

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It all depends on the antibiotic and how your body reacts. When I was taking Solodyn (along with Epiduo) my skin cleared up amazingly, but then I developed intracranial hypertension. After about a month off it my acne came back more intense then ever, but after 2 months of Bactrim it calmed down. 2 months later and my skin is looking way better (it was just like how you described yours to be, and now I only have light acne, a few pimples here and there along with the scars and hyperpigmentation from my flareup).

Antibiotics are definitely a savior for some, but if not for you you can always try The Regimen. I've personally never tried it but I hear it's great.

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