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[it’s too late I have already seen  the ‘nice’ comment .     :roll:


get over it

U should go and take so anger management classes and learn how to behave . :wink:

what are you going on about?

I give up. its pretty obvious that you know everything (or rather you think you do).

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You have obviously done absloutely no research on Urine Therapy and that is why you know nothing about it.

Your narrow minded views are so typical of people in the western world today. Like i said before this therapy has been used for THOUSANDS of years, long before there were any clinique products and it is still used today.

If you dont want to use it you dont have to but please dont say that it is disgusting when you have no idea what you are talking about.

I'm not saying that it can cure acne (although some people claim it has cured them) but it has many other PROVEN good uses. You will find animal urine (urea) in hundreds of different cosmetics and you may well have used them at some time in your life.

By the way I dont used urine therapy because i dont think i have to, but i would never criticise anyone that does.

maybe you should try and be a bit more open minded

maybe you should stop being a homo and realize that putting piss on your face is probably the most disgusting, repulsive, and sick thing i can imagine. if i knew anybody who put piss on their face i would never step within 5 feet of them. that is honestly the most disgusting thing. i cannot believe you are defending that. pussy.

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Guest fatman_uk

Hey, that was a LOT more open minded, nice one. :roll:

Are u sure anyone who put piss on their face would wanna step within range of YOU? :wink:

Hey yeah i agree, sj is a pussy, that's why he's defending... and has prolly TRIED the thing that SCARES YOU, LOOOOL! :P


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Well you've all livened up a bit i see, and if you read some of my posts you'd see that i havent tried it because i dont feel the need to, but i've spoken to people who do use UT, thats how i know a little about it, unlike some people.

And thatoneguy-you and violeta should get together, i reckon there would be some riveting conversations! :P

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