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What Am I Doing Wrong? :(

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Hi, I've been suffering from sevre acne since I was 14 now, I'm 19 now (cheeks, forehead, chin), Only recently I have made the shift into a healthier lifestyle in an attempt to at least make my not as noticable.

So far the last month I've cut out pretty much everything harmful from my diet - wheat, sugars, meat, gluten, diary. And yet there has been no change in my skin. I have also been on a week juice fast and a 2 day water fast so my body can get rid of the toxins better, still yet no change in my skin. I'm currently on a parasite cleanse and after that I will do a liver flush and hopefully I will start to see the change then, but I want to know what I'm doing wrong.

I eat 90% vegatables and fruits, on occasion I have brown rice and salmon in moderation. That's all my diet consists off.

I wash my face everynight with a product called Men-u face cleaner and the men-u mousterizer afterwards. I change my pillow sheets every night. I've tried apple cider vinegar for a month but little changed. Any ideas?

thanks :)

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Well, I would keep up the heathy lifestyle. It could just be teen hormonal stuff. I am just starting to get it again and have tried everything and what I have found to help is very diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner (a fourth to three parts water) and then for acne medication I have found sulphur works really well. Right now I just use clearasil acne cream, which the only one that has sulphur is tinted and it is tinted orange. It works so well I use it anyway and am on a quest to find a sulphur bar soap. I'd make sure you are never touching your face. Some people do everything right but if you are touching your skin all the time you are going to have acne. I also wouldn't use moisturizer on acne but maybe that's just me.

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Dont get discouraged. The acne battle Can be solved either or the diet side or on the pill side (on my opinion the first is always the cure).

1. Juice fasting.... bad. I am not a fan of this. Why? Depletes the organism of nutritions. In case your acne is due to a vitamin deficiency, you cant expect to cure it with "fasting". Eat maintainance calories. If you are not fit, lose some weight with 20% calorie reduction, intermittent fasting. Body fat affects acne.

2. EDUCATE yourself. Just learn everything about nutritions. Calculate your daily need of vitamins and make a plan how to get the most of them through foods. Dont do unbalanced diets (I know, I know, I also learned it the hard way).

3. If you notice that you cant get enough of something, supplement. Smart. Standard things like cod liver oil vitamin B complex, vitamin D, maybe some herbal supplements. Just go and find everything, write it down, write the pros and cons, THINK about it, ASK about it and take responsibility o your health.

4. Exercise at least every other day, I would say every day low to moderate intensity. Change your habits.

5. Sleep right. Yeah, sounds pretty ineffective and I am the last person, who would believe that it would do something to your skin, but believe me.... I was DISAPPOINTED. NOTHING WORKED anymore. I TRIED EVERYTHING. I am 95% clear now. I religiously go to bed at 23 h, wake up 5.30-6.30 witout my phone...

6. Smart topical regimen. Learn about the oil conditioning or oil cleansing method, check every ingredient in your moisturizer. I mean EVERY. Educate yourself. Go as natural as possible. I believe not washing face is not the only alternative, just look for ingredients that are not harmful like parabens, most silicones, alcohol, perfumes.

7. Do not expect that it will be easy. You just have to learn everything about your body and begin a journey where you strive for perfection in the first stage.

8.I think a smarter start rather than fasting is elimination diet:

- no fruits, definitely not rice.. these two are very problematic. also no nuts

- just: fish, vegetables, avocados, a little bit olive oil, cod liver oil /fish oil, maybe eggs if you tolerate them, organic meat (yeah, organic is important), some basic supplements. No coffee. Just water, and a lot of green tea. Always calculate your omega 3-6 balance. Do not eat too much meat, oils, avocados. More fish, chia seeds, green vegs, etc.

DO it for at least 2-3 weeks strictly and from this point on you can add slowly other food to see how you react.

You must change almost everything in your lifestyle together, not piece by piece, to see positive results. It is not the one thing that cures it, it is the combination. And yeah, it is pretty much often a little hell you need to experience.

Wish you luck!

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Thanks for the replys.

Wow really, brown rice is bad for acne? I've been eating a lot of it... I guess I better cut it out. Same with fruits... I thought they were healthy... I guess we acne sufferers have got to pay the price of watching what we eat eh. I try cutting them both out and adding more fish in. Thanks for that.

One other thing, I regularly get very little sleep, and have done since a teen, could this also be a trigger?


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Hey Happy to hear you will at least try it. Rice is problematic, because of many factors, one of which is that is high in carbs, could cause problems with digestion, even if you dont notice it right away. Fruit: you can be intolerant and dont even know it. Fruit spikes insulin and spiked insulin causes inflammation and clogged pores. Many people are fructose intolerant. You can cure this with habits, but you must first recognise what is your problem

Yeah, sleep is very important. Read the posts of alternativista about the carcadian cycle. If you mess up your sleep, you mess up your hormones on the long run (remember, it causes low grade inflammation and even if its low grade, over time it fucks your system). This could lead to fructose malabsorbtion. This means you could break out from fruit.

Same with coffee. Read about why it could impair inflammation, mess up your androgens, spike insulin and pretty much give you a dehydrated, red and inflamed look.

Just dedicate yourself to the hell for 3 weeks and start building your new life from there on. Be open to change. Diet sucks. EMBRACE the suck.

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You don't necessarily have to cut out fruit or brown rice. You need to figure out your personal issues. And you need to keep blood sugar stable. So should clear skinned people.

And the only differences between us and clear skinned people is that we get the symptom of acne due to a few genetic tendencies to do with how our skin functions. They should be eating the same way as we do.

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