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I Burned My Forehead Pimples Using White Distilled Vinegar

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I ripped a piece of napkin, folded it, spilled white distilled vinegar over it, and applied it on my forehead. I pressed the wet napkin on my forehead for 2-3 hours. Some days I would press it for 3-5 hours. When it stung too harsh, I would stop, but would continue after 20 minutes of "rest." This process lasted 2 weeks. Here are the process and results in images:

1. http://imgur.com/6xYILFR

My experiment commences. I had just finished applying white distilled vinegar for 2 hours. Please note: I censured by eyes to protect my identity.

2. http://imgur.com/jyBatmo

Directly after applying vinegar, the pimples turn white

3. http://imgur.com/oRug0fi

When the vinegar dries, the pimples turn black/dark brown.

4. http://imgur.com/ytRzErH

A few days later

5. http://imgur.com/LHGNHWP

Every night prior to my slumber I would cover my pimples with bandages since some "ooze" came out of the pimples because of the pressure of my head on my pillow.

6. http://imgur.com/6CW7mp3

Peeling beings

7. http://imgur.com/aOJzaH9

Some improvement

8. http://imgur.com/pPPLYjF

9. http://imgur.com/gmJ9W2g



Taking ?s on my experiment.

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I did this with 20 v developer and salon bleach on my forehead. It's a primitive peel that I would never do again, but surprisingly deep and even, and it minimized my forehead wrinkles- though Botox was more efficient.

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