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Will Regular Shaving Help Fade Red Marks

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So I have a few red spot (marks) left from previous acne lesions on my right cheek. I noticed that with using Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Lotion (with salicylic acid) that they have indeed - rapidly started to fade away. However, it has been several months already for some spots, and I just want to speed up the process.

I know "time", along with exfoliation eventually fades away the marks. However, can regular, proper shaving increase the speed of that process? Shaving is supposed to be a healthy way of exfoliating the top surface of the skin (if done properly).

Basically, I'm wondering whether bumping up the amount of shaving will speed up the fading of those marks? I currently shave once a week (21yr old male with barely any facial hair).

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Shaving didn't help. I guess I shave the wrong way cause i get bumps. But shaving gives a glow to face haha.

And also the pih is something that just kills me from within. But it happens and inevitable right

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shaving does exfoliate the skin somewhat, which speeds up renewing of skin and getting rid of marks, but why not just use a chemical exfoliator like glycolic acid facewash from SK:N?

maybe a skin lightener?

these marks do go, believe me...as they are flat you could put concealer on them, then they arent noticeable and there is no eveidence of the makeup as they skin flat, you are covering colour not texture.

I wish you look, my face was covered in marks and scars at one point...

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