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Thoughts On Dermatologists And Finding The Right One

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To give you a little bit of a background, I started the regimen about 3-4 years ago. It completely annihilated my inflammatory acne. But the scars/bumps/clogged pores/white heads wouldn't go away. And thus began my long journey of going through dermatologists. I must've seen at least a dozen in that time period, convinced that they knew what was best for me and knew what they were doing.

I'm a lot happier with my skin now, though I think there's still room for improvement. But I do really like the place I'm going now. I wasted so much money on other dermatologists, and just wanted to write about my thoughts and experiences. These are my opinions so they can be absolutely wrong for all I know.

Almost every dermatologist told me something different and I everytime I went back, they said "be patient". Okay, be patient while all my money goes into your pockets. At first, I thought dermatologists knew exactly what they were doing. After all, they were professionals right? As time wore on and my skin got worse, I grew weary. In fact, one dermatologist admitted to me that skin care had a lot of gray areas and they did a lot of guess work. Awesome, paying tons of money for guess work!

I found dermatologists from various sites. I found the highly ranked dermatologists on healthgrades, ratemds, vitals. I even went to some magazine that ranked the dermatologists as the top 1% of all dermatologists. And yet, no results.

What changed? My current dermatologist specializes in ACNE and ACNE SCARS. WOW! I think reading that completely changed my life. Sure, the past dermatologists were highly ranked, but specialized in like Mohs or whatever else they do. My current dermatologist had great reviews and was specialized in and had interest in acne!

So while the verdict is out on whether dermatologists are worth it, I think it is definitely to your advantage to ask the tough questions before wasting money on them! Do they frequently treat people with a condition like you? Do they care and are interested in acne?

I hope this tip will help you guys save some time, money, and frustration!

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