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Think I'm Going Down To 1 Application

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I'm almost five weeks into TR and my skin is extremely red, scaly, flaky and burns. I gradually increased my BP dosage and have followed the instructions to a T. I have used jojoba oil the entire time. I tried applying the AHA+ the past 2 nights to see if it would help with the scaly skin & flakes, and I thought my face was on fire. It burned SO bad. My skin is tight, I have wrinkles and feels & looks so parched despite moisturizing like crazy with the jojoba.

I'm wondering if I'm just one of those people who cannot tolerate the large doses of BP twice a day. I'm scared to go down to once a day because my skin is actually clear except for my hyperpigmentation. No new zits in weeks.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Should I go down to once a day? Or stop completely?

I seriously can't decide what looks worse: when I had terrible acne or now!

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My skin is super sensitive and I had the same issue. What I did was whenever I increased the dosage and my skin got like that I wouldn't increase the amount until my skin reduced and went to "normal". I suggest the same for you, still put it on twice a day but lower the dose abit until you get use to it and your skin becomes normal again and THEN increased the dosage and so on and so on. I just found my skin took abit longer to get use to it then maybe others. As for the scaly skin, it is literally just your skin getting used to it, mine was sooo bad I was going to stopped but I continued on and it finally went away :) I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just keep my dosage increased when my skin felt like it was ready, moisturised 2 maybe 3 times daily (I was using Dan's at first but it didn't help much with my type of skin at the time so I used QV dry and sensitive), and my skin it now dry/red/irritated free with the odd breakout from time to time

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I did decrease my application to once a day and it helped me significantly. My skin responded better to the BP and was much less dry and peely. I only apply the BP at night, not the morning.

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My skin was the same way! It was terrible. Super dry, red, and so irritated. It hurt just to smile! I dropped down to just doing it in the morning, then aha at night. I also use olay for sensitive skin as my a.m. moisturizer with jojoba oil added in. I have been completely clear for over a year now :) I worked my way up to a fingers length, then decreased slowly now to where I only use like 1/3 of a finger. Still clear, but no flakes or redness.

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