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Differin Journey :)

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Gonna start this now a month in because I forgot to do it before woops!!

My daily routine:


Cleanse with Organic Spa Lactic Gel Cleanser

Applying Eryacne

Moisturise with Organic Spa Moisture control


Cleanse with Organic Spa Lactic Gel Cleanser

Every second night exfoliate with ASAP exfoliator

Apply Differin

Moisturise with Organic Spa Moisture Control

END OF WEEK 1: No obvious changes, skin is peeling on the 2nd -6th day but not anymore. Became red and inflamed most of the time.

END OF WEEK 2: No real changes still, skin isnt really peeling anymore although extremely dry.

END OF WEEK 3: Start to notice what could be possible improvements, a lot of under skin pimples have appeared and are quite annoying! White heads on my forehead and chin are popping up. My left cheek seems to be lightening up but my right cheek looks like there are more white heads to come.

END OF WEEK 4: My forehead is much softer, smoother, but black heads and white heads as well as lumps (that seem to be filled with nothing, they could well be really deep pimples that need to come out). I'm not sure how to feel at time my left cheek during the day seems to be not as red as it usually is which is great although everywhere else seems to be the same.

MID WEEK 5: Just a little update, its getting much worse, I have at least 20 under skin pimples all over my face coming in places I have never had them and any pimples before. Obviously i'm assuming its just getting rid of everything under the skin and I just have to stick through it. Also I have noticed that white heads and other pimples that come are quite quickly recovered - I only have a whitehead for a day or two and it disappears... so thats a great positive.

END OF WEEK 5: Steadily getting worse... a lot of new underskin ones have come up - getting a little frustrated but I keep reminding myself, Christmas Day, Christmas Day.... (the date 6 months from when I started this regime) clear skin on xmas!! ahhh staying postive.

END OF WEEK 6: not great - assuming this is still the ib. My right side has had like one new pimple but the left is crazy. There are about 20 underskin ones and constant redness. Its getting frustrating but i need to keep with it.

END OF WEEK 7: no improvements from last time, blackheads seem to be fading but nothing has changed with pimples they are actually a bit worse.

END OF WEEK 8: no improvements, still getting worse.

END OF WEEK 9: no improvements (although people eg my mum keep telling me it looks great - even tho i think worse) skin is definetly softer in areas which dont have pimples, my face is just in a strange state - hoping this is "the top of the hill" and its all gonna get better. But no obvious changes this week still active pimples coming up every day and no reduction in blackheads or red marks/scars.

END OF WEEK 10: ok so the underskin pimples are finally coming through (they have been sitting doing nothing for at least 2 months) and i am taking this as an improvement. Also my cheeks (next to my nose and under my eyes) are becoming less red and no new white heads are appearing and for the rest of my face besides my forehead (which new white heads are coming up) seems to be doing okay. During the day though it still gets very red and my black heads are very noticeable and it looks like there is dirt all over my face... but anyways thats about the only negative. Not gonna get to happy yet because my face is still pretty bad but I hope its gonna start getting better now

END OF WEEK 11: wow just read the packet and it said wait 4-8 weeks for results. Definetly not true, ahaa. People continue to comment on "wow your face looks so good" to be honest I feel like its the same. Yes its not as fired up, but this morning I just woke up to find a lot more lumps just in random places. Don't know what this is since I thought it was getting better but anyway. Still gonna keep using it for 6 months though (December 20-25th? cant remember when i started it). Will definely keep this posted. If you have any questions please comment or even better if you were in the same boat as me and it miracously worked or didnt..? Please let me know! x

END OF WEEK 12: more whiteheads on forehead, not much improvement or difference.

END OF WEEK 13: so much worse, i dont even know whats happening - thought it was getting better... losing hope haha

END OF WEEK 14: Not sure, think its still the same from last week, slightly better.

END OF WEEK 15: I think it could possibly be improving, been wearing a lot of makeup lately since i'm on holiday which is making me think they're not there haha.. still trying to think positive.

END OF WEEK 16: Okay so its been 4 months.... and I can say its getting worse again.. not gonna sugar coat it its the same as when i started 16 weeks ago...beginning to think this is a waste of time, money and effort.. doing everything I can and nothing is changing.. does anyone know anything else I can do???

END OF WEEK 17: have not updated this for ages! not sure what week i'm up to now... so i'll just skip to dates.

As of 5th November: i dont really know what to say - at this point (20 days shy of 5 months) i wouldve hoped to been typing "yay no pimples" but sadly that is not the case whatsoever. New pimples in new places when I wake up in the morning - just like they used to before i started using differin and eryacne . not a whole lot of positive stuff to write. i have one more repeat of the stuff left, when i finish all the repeats (should be in about 3 - 6 months) and it still hasnt changed anything, i think i'll go back to the doctor and see what else I can do. Extremely upsetting that i was so positive and excited to start these new products in June and now i sit here so negative and sad that i have wasted nearly 6 months using something that to me has not made a SINGLE difference to my face or my self confidence - waste of time, money and effort.

As of 12th November: Not great. More pimples, no improvements, getting negative about this whole experience - not enjoying it.

As of 7th December (Quite close to 6 months):

So I started Differin 6 months ago and I'm on the verge of exhaustion, stress and anger and to be honest I just want to break down and cry. I was so positively adapting to the idea of the something working for my pimples but its made it the same, even worse. This time last year my skin was clear 6 months later it was a mess and here we are again with no change. My mum says it is much better but I just cant see it. I have facials every month, exfoliate, eat well, i dont eat any fats or sugars either.

My experience was looking positive but its just gone downhill, my pimples are just usual, 3 more when i wake up every morning, go away in a couple of days feeling confident that this may finally be the breaking point, next day 5 more come up. I will admit I have had NO pussy ones since starting DIfferin but I have just had red lumps, cysts and whiteheads everywhere. My blackheads have reduced in blackness per say, but they are still there, in the hot weather during the day they come through with all the sweat, its pretty disgusting. I look at myself and want to cry pretty much.

I know a lot of people have it worse than me, but I have tried so many different things, I am now using fish oil to stop the inflammation factor, not sure if this will help but I guess I'll try something else. My Doctor says that if I am still taking fish oil and differin in 6 months time and it still has not improved I have to go on the Pill. I can;t really take tablets so thats gonna be hard and anyway I don;t really like the idea of the pill anyway. If anyone at all can help me please please please I just cant take it anymore and this bloody differin isnt helping so I need something new.

Has anyone tried the acne.org regiment? Please let me know if it is actually any good? Thankyou

As of 12th December: Full blown cystic acne is now on the other side of my cheek. i really have no words to be honest, I have never in my years of pimples had this much cystic acne or even had it ANYTHING on my right cheek. It looks like its spreading and I don't know what to do.

25th December: wow, exactly 6 months ago i was so excited and I thought that the best christmas ever would be a clear face. Well i was definetly wrroonnngggg. my face is worse than its ever been.. i DO NOT reccommend differin after my experience but goodluck to anyone who tries it .

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