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Can Minocycline Affect My Periods?

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Hi! Last I month I went to the dermatologist for the first time. I'm 21 and I've had pretty bad acne since I was about 13. My parents never had adult acne and my 18 year old sister has never had it. I was prescribed Epiduo and minocycline. I started taking it about 6 weeks ago (early June). I had a period June 13 which lasted about 5 days. On June 27 I had some light bleeding which was similar to what you would have at the end of a period. I was expecting my period 3 days ago and it hasn't come. Could the minocycline have changed my cycle? Should I expect my period to come on the 27th? I'm really worried and couldn't find much online about this!

Another question: my 2nd appt is tomorrow but I ran out of minocycline about 2 weeks ago. I still been using the Epiduo. Will it basically be like I'm started the mino over again? I've noticed a bit of a change in my acne but not too much.

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Our bodies are funny like that where sometimes meds can cause unintended side effects. Mino is not supposed to cause missed periods but the stress of acne can certainly do that. I once went months without a period due to the stress of my acne. Also, a few years ago, my period was significantly late due to the stress I was under.

Regarding the mino, you should be fine as it was only 2 weeks but be aware that antibiotics can mess with the good bacteria in your body and when you become resistant to it, your acne is likely to come back, sometimes much worse. Any acne treatment really needs a good 3 month run to see if it is working.

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Thanks for answering! I'm definitely not stressed, though. The only thing that's making me stressing is missing my period. They've always been so regular. I did take a pregnancy test which was negative though, so that's good. Also, I read online where a few people said if affected their period.

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