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i have been dealing with hyperpigmentation from acne for the last 5 months (hoping they would just fade naturally, i didn't want to make things worse or cause more acne)

And although they are a lot better they seem to be incredibly stubborn, so after doing a lot of research i decided to try olive oil!

long story short i used olive oil consistently for 4 days and have now broken out in about 4-5 spots - first time i have broken out in months...

HOWEVER, now it could just be my imagination, but i think my red marks look a lot better; so i am stuck between;

- fixing my red marks and creating more acne


- letting the red marks slowly fade for another year or more - if im lucky

So close yet so far

Is there any reason why olive oil would cause acne for me? perhaps it is just purging my skin?

i have read olive oil is very similar to the oil our own skin creates so i am very confused as to why it is breaking me out :S

Advice would be appreciated on your olive oil experiences for red marks


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The red marks will diminish over time. Don't do ANYTHING to aggravate your acne as that makes more of what you are trying to get rid of.

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Olive oil is high in oleic acid which can be pore clogging for us acne prones. Try using lactic acid to help with your red marks instead.

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Are you using anything to help increase cell turnover? Retin-a or Tazorac (slightly more potent) would be a good option as it helps prevent acne by increasing cell turnover. It is a fantastic anti-aging product (with an abundant amount of research and actual evidence behind it) and it will definitely help to fade the red marks faster. I'm not sure your current skincare routine other than the olive oil, but these are very good options you should consider. The other option is to do as others suggest and wait for them to fade naturally.

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The reason our skin is oily during puberty is that the skin tries to regulate its own oils. By adding a foreign oil its throws the chemistry off balance and tries to compensate for that.

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well at the moment I have recently started using finacea - (about 3 weeks) in the morning and sasylic acid (or however you spell it) at night, this combination does a great job at preventing acne, however dries my skin out which is why I feel my red marks are taking forever to heal and hence why I tried olive oil in the first place... I have also recently started using turmeric masks which seems to be REALLY reducing redness, although I have only been using it for 2 days so its hard to say if its just a coincidence or maybe the improvements are all in my head eusa_wall.gif

I have heard good things about retin a but am terrified of purging or creating more acne - I might try it in the future though, if nothing improves.

Thanks for the advice.


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