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I have had mild acne all of my life, and a few months ago I decided to give the Clean and Clear Continuous Control 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash a try to see if it would clear me of all my acne. It worked okay.

Then I got a sunburn on my forehead and broke out with small closed comedones all over. I decided that the risks, like photosensitivity and overdrying and dyeing all of my towels, weren't worth it, so I stopped using it and went back to Cetaphil.

It's been about a week and a half since I discontinued the BP, but now I'm still having the closed comedone problem all over my forehead (as well as the expected breakouts after stopping BP cold turkey). Any advice?

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You might want to stop using any products on your face for a bit. The BP may have made you more sensitive to the cetaphil than you were before, which could be prolonging the problem.

Otherwise, the problem might be completely unrelated to the BP, in which case I wish you luck, because comedones are incredibly difficult to get rid of. If it doesn't get better after a couple weeks of no products, take a look at diet and retinoids.

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Thanks for the responses. The forehead comedones have definitely receded quite a bit over time, these are much less noticeable now and my face has adjusted fairly well to the Cetaphil. Now I'm just dealing with whiteheads around my T-zone.

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