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Every Illness Starts In Your Mind

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I found this in the comments on another site, I think it's really the ticket to healing.

I'll link to the article at the bottom, but I'm going to copy and paste a bit of the article and the comment just in case the link doesn't work.

The article is called 'Are your negative beliefs about yourself causing your acne?' I'm not copying and pasting the entire thing, just the most useful parts.

"Get into the habit of treating yourself with loving kindness. Prepare your food with loving care. Accept and bless any negativity that arises in you.

Practice bringing that way of being into your life.

Speak to yourself kindly. If you wouldnt tell another person that theyre useless/inadequate/unattractive, why speak to yourself like that? Even if its in your thoughts. With practice, you can control the thoughts youre having so that they become more loving. You can choose your thoughts according to how good they feel to you.

Ask yourself whether youre bringing yourself and expressing yourself fully in the world. Let who you are in the world be a reflection of who is on the inside. Sometimes that can mean a whole change of career, or little tweaks in your life here and there. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you including any kookiness, or eccentricities, and that which is unique about you. You are who you are for a reason.

Remember that you dont have to do or be anything in order to be deserving of love, from yourself or anyone else. Your self-esteem doesnt need to be based on how much other people like you, or how well you think youre doing in your life. You are inherently worthy of love and good things. Look at yourself in the mirror, in the eyes and send yourself some love. Say your own name and tell yourself I love you. Do this regularly. You might feel silly while youre doing it, but its really powerful.

"I accepted my acne and stopped resisting it. I thanked it for what it was trying to show me. It still wasn't gone, but I kept the belief that I had acne because I was not in balance but was in the process of healing the imbalance. "

"You have to understand we have this big ego because acne is a very vain disorder.

We are pretty much refusing to accept ourselves the way we are. We are choosing to be very weak in the situation. The acne is actually a gift that we need to accept for a few reasons: finding who we are, creating who we are, wanting to always see the truth, and becoming the strongest we can ever be by conquering our biggest demons. So if we think acne is just random and has no reasoning to be attracted to us, we lose."

1. "Lord, I dont care if the acne stays or goes, Im not going to do this to myself anymore. I need to live."

2. Let Acne be there. Stop fighting it. The more you fight the more you believe in it and the more you have it. If someone could understand this right now it would be gone tomorrow.

Even though we tend to give up on the cleansers and all that crap it doesnt mean you substitute it with a spiritual cleanser. I know this part sounds contradicting, but your still fighting it at this point. The whole point is not to fight! If you think its a fight you lose every time. You think the opponent is evil but its really a crazy person that has no logic. We fight because we think acne is something out there trying to get you, like its hanging out in the bushes. Well this can freak us out. If acne or anything was separate wed lose everytime. Every effing time! I wouldnt be able to sit here and type all of this if that was the case. The worst thing in life is to believe something you cant see with your own eyes is trying to attack you. Its our thoughts attacking ourselves and once you see it, you will have so much bliss and forgiveness in your hearts. You will laugh uncontrollably when you can see the whole situation. =). If jesus had acne for some reason this is about how he would pray for healing.

" Lord, I know acne is not real because you did not create it. It is something I have invented, please help me remember who I am and help me see myself how you want me to see me."

3. "We only see what we see in the mirror.

And most of the time all we see is the acne itself. It can blur the perception so bad that you dont even think you have a face anymore. Well this also an illusion. People dont see you the way you see yourself.

It is impossible. Most cameras cant even catch acne in photo.

4. Acne doesnt matter to you so it doesnt matter to anyone else.

Look around you at other people that have acne, does their acne bother you? of course not! Well the same goes for you when they see you. If you could see yourself the way others see you it could also be healed by the end of the week.

5. Most importantly when you actually know your healed of this dilemma. If you look at your skin for the healing every day, the whole point is missed and you will not have your miracle. The healing occurs when you realized you were wrong about yourself the whole time. You wont even care about acne. You will be able to tell yourself its allowed to be there. Doesnt make sense now and you might think youre inviting it in for more but this is the strongest attitude and approach you can take. Youre state of mind will feel like "Whats acne?" not "F-you acne I won." If you have a grudge towards it you will just go back and forth again. Imagine if everyone had acne well then it would be normal and you would allow it to be there. You wouldnt even know what normal skin is."

Anyway this knowledge is really helping me! I hope it helps at least 1 other person :)


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Hi wannabebeautiful79,

Firstly, i really appreciate you posting such a topic and trying to spread positivity. We all need it and stress can be likely to exaggerate acne.

But, my views are a bit different than the spiritual healer mentioned above.

To start with, i do not think like acne are signal to make us a better person cause this statement implies that all people with acne somewhere need self improvement and all those without it do not cause maybe they are perfect or so.?, everyone needs self-evaluation.

Also, the fact that everything happens for a reason theory doesn't seems to hold good to me. I see people in immerse suffering and people in uncontainable luxury, does that mean the latter is much better person than the former? Is the world just? Is god just? My experience says different.

Saying acne is a vain disorder, who is to decide? What are the criteria?

Words like "It is something I have invented" sounds cruel, next what? you are going to tell a rape victim that she asked for it as she wasn't a good enough person. so, god wanted to bring some secret decoded message across. or the "what acne" attitude, is ignoring the problem really the solution. Do you see a guy being bullied and just say "what bullying" and assume that everything is now alright.

The stop fighting it, the fight is causing it believe also seems contradicting to me. Should we stop fighting all injustice in the world. Should we stop punishing criminals, should we stop trying to cure cancer. Do problems really disappear on their own. If people hadn't been putting all these efforts into bringing mankind from stone age to present century, had all this happened on its own.

I believe we should appreciate and encourge the fighting spirit in people. The believe that "things are not good enough, i'll make it better" is what drives us towards succees. Years ago my father was born poverty, but he didn't give in, he didn't accept it as god's wish and didn't believe in theories like "lets make peace with it, its less stressful" .He struggled, it was difficult and painful but he did it. That's the reason i am here in this AC room typing on my laptop and buying all the expensive acne medications.

I don't now what message god has for us, i would have stopped and listened only if he had been a bit clearer and a bit kinder after all we are not his enemies.

My long post might seem all negative and i might seem like i need a serious spiritual detox but what if i say this is how god made me, should i just make peace with it? Who is to decide?

Edited by Sue7
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didnt even read to know that this is the biggest rubbish already, i was pretty happy kid before acne no negative beliefs or whatever, didnt stop me from getting acne at all

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