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For four years I used antibiotics and creams prescribed by my dermatologist. Not a single medicine made any difference whatsoever. The only change was that my acne slowly just got worse and worse for 5 years. The last antibiotic I remember taking was minocycline which did nothing. Every medication I took as prescribed and I rarely missed a single day.

Eventually my doctor told me he could give me a stronger antibiotic or I could start taking Accutane. I chose to take Accutane because I knew it actually worked. I started at 40mg a day for the first month and I didn't notice any changes...not even an initial breakout or anything but dryness. My dosage changed to 60mg a day for the next three months. My face, and only my face, improved drastically around the fourth and fifth month. At the end of the fifth month I was ready to be done with Accutane and all the side effects. My doctor told me 1-2 more months and I could be done, and he also said he could not increase my dosage any higher than 60mg a day because I only weigh about 61 grams. I picked up my medicine from the pharmacy and it was 80mg per day. I didn't understand why it was increased, but I was glad and I thought that now it'd end sooner. I did the 2 months on 80mg and now my doctor told me 3 more, but then he's cutting me off. It's been six months and now I'm supposed to do nine now.

There is only acne on my back now and it's improved a lot while I've been on 80mg but I just don't know how I can go three more months. My parents tell me that I'm just going to be a quitter if I give up now, but I don't know what else to do.

My face is always so dry that I must apply lotion (I use aquaphor) every morning and night. I look normal if I do this but if I miss one morning or night it's bad for the next day or two. My arms also get dry all the time. I also got some condition called eczema on my arms which looks like a really bad allergic reaction for about a week before it goes away, but it has come back two other times. I also have another type of eczema on my feet between my toes and it gets extremely dry and itchy. My skin overall just seems to be so much more sensitive. I have so many little cuts and scrapes on my arms and hands and I don't know how they even get there. I get blisters from things I used to do regularly like sweeping/moping, kayaking, and canoeing. I burned my arm on my oven and it hasn't healed for a week now and when taking a bandage off my arm I actually ripped the top layer of skin off my arm where there was not even an injury. My eyes are always dry and without eye drops I look like I'm stoned or just got done crying. When I wake up I can't even see anything because they are so dry...I have blink rapidly for about a minute before I can see out of them. I am tired regardless of how much I sleep; no matter what, I wake up tired. And no matter how tired I may be, I can't ever fall asleep without laying there for over an hour. I get tired just standing and always feel the need to sit down. I don't eat as much as I used to because I just don't feel hungry. I've had joint pain since the second month and I lie to my doctor when he asks if it has continued because he said he would lower my dosage and extend the time on the medicine.

I don't want to have to deal with this any longer, I just want myself back. What are the consequences of discontinuing now? And is it wrong for me to quit this far into it? What do I do?

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I think if you're not comfortable continuing then you should stop. You've already met your cumulative dosage regardless. Your course seems a bit extended anyway. Besides, if you bacne doesn't bother you much and your face is clear, you may as well stop.

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