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Accutane Must Haves?

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I have finally made the decision to do Accutane. I've tried everything and not one thing has worked. I'm scared out of my mind honestly and I'm sure the experience will be a big pain but I can't deal with the acne.

So my questions are

1. What moisturizer is best?

2. What Chapstick is best?

3. Is there a certain sunscreen or SPF best? (Keep in mind I live in AZ)

4. Recommended amount of water to drink a day?

5. Any other incidentals worth mentioning?

Thank you

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1. Cetaphil Lotion for daytime, and Cetaphil Cream for the nighttime. Your dermatologist will probably mention these and give you samples! One thing that's really good when your skin gets really dry is, putting about 4 drops of organic argan oil under your Cetaphil Cream at night. Also get a good moisturizing eye cream! Try either the Origins one, Khiels moisturizing avocado one, OR Fresh Rose eye gel :)

2. AQUAHOR!!!! Get some now!!!! Make sure you apply a layer of this before going to bed. You can also layer it over your chapstick. Also make sure you get a chapstick with the highest SPF you can find. My lips got severely sunburnt while using SPF 15 on my lips. Don't make that mistake!

3. Try and see if you can find La Roche-Posay sunscreens where you live. They make a really good lotion with SPF 60 specifically for the face as well as a "melt-in cream", which is also SPF 60, that is more moisturizing than the lotion for when your face gets really dry. What I like to do is, layer this sunscreen with my Aveeno moisturizer which is SPF 30, so essentially, I'm wearing SPF 90 on my face. Works like a charm!! Also for my body, I use a lotion all over once again with SPF 60... then put on another layer of suncreen in a spray form also SPF 60 to get any places I missed with the lotion. Then you can just keep touching up with the spray throughout the day!

4. Drink as much water as you can!!!! Just drink water non-stop and try to consume foods that are high in water content. Stay away from things that are dehydrating like alcohol (especially alcohol) and coffee.

5. Try and get some good vitamins :) Take them separately though rather than in multivitamin form because you want to stay away from Vitamin A.

Here are some I recommend:

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin E

- B Complex

- Omega-3

- Zinc

- Iron

- I hear some form of Vitamin K is really good too!

- You may also want to take Milk Thistle or Turmeric like once a week to help out your liver! But with this I'm not really sure if it might slow down the Accutane from absorbing! You might want to do a little research, I will too and let you know if I find anything. :)

Good luck with everything!!

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