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Longterm acne sufferer at only 18!

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i noticed other people have said that they first got acne when they were about 16-17. well, i started at 10! and since then, its been going strong for the last eight years, the last 4 years plaguing my back, shoulders, chest and bottom :D. does that mean its gonna continue into my 20's, and that's its not hormonal? i have been to the dermotologist and spent RIDICULOUS amounts of $$ on prescriptions, appointments, but the only thing that worked were antibiotics, but only on my forehead.

im interested in using the regimin, and i still have a lot of this prescription BP (clinac BPO) which is 7% BP. how much would i use of this if it is ok? can i use the regimin in conjunction with the anti-biotics?

another question, i read a post about drinking organic lemon juice in boiled water working wonders, would it work for someone with really greasy skin like mine?

does smoking cause acne? 'cause i smoke about 4 cigarettes a day....

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I think you should definitely give the regimen a shot. But, you MUST replace your prescription BP 7 % with a less drying one, like the neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5 %.

I tried the lemon juice in the boiled water for a week or so, made no difference for me as far as I could see. But it DOES soak up oil if that's bothering you. But I think that if it's hormonal acne, that won't help you. The lemon juice reduces certain toxins in your body, but won't be able to help you regulate your hormones. But I guess it won't do any harm, so you might give that a shot as well.

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Try for a lower % bp

As far as antibiotics and the regimen go, you will have to ask your doc.

Yes, at least 1 study has shown that smokers have worse acne than non-smokers. If you go to pubmed.com and do a search for smoking and acne you'll find this study.


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thanks a lot guys for your responses!

one more quick question, my sunscreen is vanicreme, which is realy great and non greasy, and it was reccommended by my dermo. but i looked at the ingredients and it said it had castor oil?! isnt that the stuff in car oil? could that be bad?

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