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Lactic/glycolic Peel Help!

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Well i brought a 40%lactic acid and 10% glycolic peel a few weeks ago. I used it for the second time yesterday, 2 weeks after the first peel. This time it stang a lot more and i neutralized it with cold water after 3 minutes wheresas the first time i left it on for 7 minutes. After i did the second peel i had a white layer over my acne scars on my cheek so i put on some moisturisor and went to sleep. Today when i woke up i looked in the mirror and my cheeks were all red like i had a sunburn. They were also very sensitive and felt really tight. Will this redness go away buy itself? If yes how long will it take? and should i put any prodduct onto my cheeks?

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yeah it will go away with time i am sure your skin will be peeling in the next few days. i would just put moisturizer on it and leave it alone. aquaphor is good as well and when i had any hyperpigmentation from a peel the place i used to go to get them would give me apres soothing balm to calm down the skin. you can probably find it on ebay or amazon. good luck to you and dont do another peel for a while i would give your skin a break for at least a month.

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Thanks for replying.

How long does the peeling process usually take? And how often should i use the lactic/glycolic peel?

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