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Years Of Heartache And I Am Finally Over Acne, Here Is What Made It Go Away.

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Hi, I'm new here.

I've had acne since I was 14. I'm now 27 years old and have finally realized exactly what causes my acne, And so simple it was.

I've tried prescription creams and other topicals, but they only made my acne worse. I went away from them and dieted heavily thinking I needed to detox my body. No avail, even went vegan for a while.

I went over the years with only a few periods of clear skin, the times that stood out. I went on a long extended hiking trip, I had zero access to daily shower water, so I just never showered. I did this one summer for an entire 30 days. After 2 weeks of this my skin was clear as daylight, even my friends were commenting on it. I was in shock. What did I do different on that hiking trip? Sure, I got excerise and sun, but I didn't shower and ate a lot of carbs.

This all disappeared when I went home and continued to shower. My skin always felt dry, and I ditched my shampoo and everything else as well in order to avoid drying out the skin. I just washed my pits, genitals, feets and hair with salt water.

2 years after this I was managed again to have clear skin for almost an entire 6 months, until I reverted back to hot water showering and more water contacting with my skin. My skin was always dry, the water didn't necessarily give me immediate acne, but it would leave my face super dry and dead skin EVERYWHERE.

Fast-forward to the past year. I've tried the caveman regimen before, but just using water morning and night to rinse my skin (the bane of my existence).

ANYTHING THAT DRIES MY FACE CREATES ACNE FOR ME, including WATER. My solution and do not allow my skin to become dry. Moisturizing just clogs my pores (yes, even coconut oil/olive oil and all those other oils). I still shower daily, with warm water, but I do not allow the water to touch my face, I then simply use a dry cloth to wipe my face clean and that is all. My face is naturally moisturized and feels awesome.

I feel that over the years I have made my skin more sensitive to always drying it out, but I think and hope over time my face will become less senitive to water (mainly because I like to go swimming in the ocean).

I can't believe it was always this simple, why on Earth would the body require people to do the daily maintenance on their faces?

There are plenty of tribes around the world that don't have showers or access to products and yet they have zero acne.

Thanks for listening and I wish you the best on your adventure.

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Thanks for the post. I'll be spending the next few days trying this out..though my skin gets super oily and it makes me paranoid, I'll try to control the urge to splash with water.

Does that mean that I shouldn't splash my face with water after a workout, or should I just pat the sweat off?

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I workout as well and the only thing I do is let the sweat dry, then use a dry cloth gently over my face, to get any debris off.

Everyone on the caveman will tell you about the dead skin mask, water only makes that mask more apparent because it dries out the skin, simple to understand and realize really. Avoid water contact, and if you have dead skin or other debris just gently rub them off with a dry towel. Let your skins natural oils do the work like they were suppose to.

Everyday people are going around showering 2-3 times a day, using chemicals, and all these weird ingredients to exfoliate their faces, only to do it over and over again. Most people say if they didn't their faces would look horrible. The truth is, they look horrible because everyone comes into water contact daily which in turn dries their skin, making it dull and flaky, thus they exfoliate, then they moisturize. Those steps make a lot of people break out, age faster, and destroys the skins natural defenses. If humans were meant to be in contact with water all the time I'm sure we would have gills.and fins.

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You're welcome, don't get afraid of a little water, but the idea is to reduce as much as possible. Good luck.

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