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How Long Does Isotrexin Take To Work?

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Hey, I have always had the odd spot... but in the last 2 months I have developed really nasty spots on my jaw line and around my mouth. They are red and really sore. I have visited my GP and she gave me isotrexin gel which I have been using for 4 weeks, and yasmin an oral contraceptive. My skin does not appear to have changed, and the gel just makes its really sore. I have also been using a glycolic cleanser. Was just wondering if other people have used isotrexin, and whether it worked for them? Many thanks

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I have just gone in to my third month of Yasmin and Isotrexin and unfortunately my skin is still bad, possibly worse. Obviously people respond differently and I have read tons of positive reviews, but I think it's important to hear lots of people's experiences with it. I am considering stopping using Isotrexin to see what happens. Honestly have lost any hope with it due to the amount of time I have been using it. A few weeks ago my skin started to clear up really well and I thought I had battled it. The only lifestyle change I can remember that I could possibly link it to was going from semi-skimmed milk to skimmed, have since gone back to semi-skimmed and skin is bad again. I am going to go back to skimmed and will update you with any changes whilst continuing Isotrexin. There is a lot of literature which seems to suggest that milk/dairy = acne. Watch this space....

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