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Okay, first I will say I have not been told to promote any product blahblahblah - infact I don't even name any companies in this post . This post is not asking you to purchase any regimes or e-books that I came across when I was trying to get rid of my acne - just some pure free advice on something that worked for me PERSONALLY.

So I'll start of by saying since about the age of 11 I started getting pimples , at first just one or two but by the age of 14 my face had about 14 pimples :( and it sucked - like everyone here i tried everything , sat up looking at forums and YouTube videos . I'd tried the clean eating , I'd tried the no sugar , I'd tried the no wheat/diary, I'd tried the natural remedies ( a honey and cinnamon mask left me with a burnt face btw :( ) and I guess my last consideration was accutane - but as a female reading the complications in fertility it can cause and other side effects ( mood swings ) and plus the fact I'm already taking a med that it can't mix with just meant it wasn't an viable option . I was DESPERATE for my acne to go , makeup made it look worse and those huge 3D pimples just multiplied around my face like mutant ninjas -lol .

Okay, so how have I now got a clear face ( and have done for months now, bar a few left over scars that I've been fading down with a retinol cream )

Well I figured that my hormones must of been completely unbalanced - why? Because I was deep cleaning my face so much I swear at one point I was down to my last layer . I figured it HAD to be hormones , so I wanted to figure out how to balance them naturally - after some research I came across a herb called maca and I started taking 3-4 500mg capsules and it started working after maybe 2 weeks ( I tend to cycle it one month on and a week off so my body doesn't adapt ) .

Aswell as that I used a gel from my doc - goes by the name duac . I believe it's a benzoyl perioxide and antibiotic mix - this also helped A LOT.

Okay so using these two my acne cleared to

Maybe one spot every two weeks - but with me trying to fade my scars it was irritating when another popped up so then I used " Detol antiseptic " which is actually supposed to be for cleaning cuts for home first aid kits - but wetting my face , rubbing some in , leaving it 20 seconds and washing it of have made it so I have absolutely no spots - plus if I feel one starting to develop, which is rare I just rub some retinol 1% ( that I actually bought on ebay ) and the spot I feel doesn't even dare to make an appearance .

So right now I've been spot free for I'd say four months and I feel so confident , I know some people don't help - them people that make comments about acne and people with bad skin , I mean it's not something I could help and I always got down about it .

This worked for ME , it might not for you but because I know how good I feel about my skin now compared to before it's still worth sharing - but even if it doesn't don't stop trying everyone's different and something has to work for you so don't give up !! People are idiots and because they don't have acne they feel they can make fun of others or make them feel bad , I know regardless of how good my skin is at the moment I will never make fun of someone with bad skin because I know how bad and unconfident it can make you feel without some jerk coming along adding salt to the wound , good luck and god bless :)...

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