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Can I Qualify For Accutane?

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So I've had acne for around 8 years ever since I was 11. My acne has always been mild-moderate with the occasional cyst, but since I have Asian skin, every single pimple leaves a hyper pigmentation mark that lasts for 6months - year. So while I only have maybe like 8-10 pimples on my face at a time, it looks a lot worse because of the scars/marks. Although I'm a guy, I am still extremely self conscious about my appearance. There has been countless times in my life when I have had a big breakout or a huge cyst on my nose and I won't even leave my house/dorm because I'm so ashamed of it. I feel like this took a big part away from my high school experience, and now that I'm about to go to my 2nd year in college I don't want that to happen again.

Treatments I've tried:

  • Countless different cleansers
  • Countless different acne products (In varying strengths) containing BP,SA, sulfur, zinc
  • Vitamins/supplements
  • Cutting on sugars, diary, fatty foods
  • All those random home remedies, and I mean ALL of them
  • Differin, Tazorac, Retin A, Duac, Clindamycin (by itself)
  • Minocycline (turned out I am allergic, and my doctor says that I am allergic to all cycline antibiotics)

I've spent hundreds of dollars and days upon days of my time looking over acne treatment which I am thoroughly sick of. I have another derm appointment in a week, and I am wondering if it's possible I could qualify for accutane? I know it is reserved for the most severe cases, but I feel like I've exhausted almost every other option and I'm done wasting time/money/self-esteem trying more things that I know will not be as effective as Accutane. I know my life would be a whole heck of a lot better without acne. Thanks for listening guys.

I have included pictures of just my cheeks for confidentiality. I would say this is the best my face has looked in months (in terms of active pimples).





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If your acne is persistent and scarring then a reasonable derm may prescribe it but not a first visit with them. Just in case, I would suggest you bring with you a list of all he things that you have tried (literally, write everything down). Also talk about how acne makes you feel but don't mention depression as many derms clam up about accutane upon hearing that word.

Good Luck!

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For males, most derms in the U.S. will try benzoyl peroxide, then antibiotics, then retinoids, then Accutane. For females, they will probably try birth control as the second-to-last resort before Accutane.

I would write out approximately when and how long you tried each of those things if you want a new derm to prescribe you Accutane right off the bat. I have had a new derm offer me Accutane on my first visit, but only because I provided a list like that.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I'll just hope I get an understanding doctor.

By the way, since my insurance doesn't cover anything until I hit a $3000 deductible (sucks I know), I know that it will be very very expensive. Do you guys have an ideas/tips about the cheapest brand of Accutane and the cheapest pharmacy for it (walmart, walgreens, etc)? Thanks guys!

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