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4 Months Post Accutane...

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Hi all guys, I need some help from you...

I finished 4 months ago a six-monthx cycle of accutane at 60 mg/day, I even overreached the suggested limit of 150 mg/kg.

by the way, I'm noticing that about 1 month ago some pimples started to appear, maybe even more time ago but I didnt notice it, because this "pimples" come like 1 every 3 or 4 days maybe, they're very small, they're not even visible...you can notice them only if you pay attention....

I know that shouldnt bother me but I'm scared that this could be the beginning of a relapse...

What I wanted to ask is: for those of you who took accutane, how was your skin after your cure was over? did you keep getting some random spots ? how often?

thank you for your patience, I know this may sound idiot to most of you, its just that ive been through HELL, I waster 6 months of my life and I don't want to do it all over again...

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Ive been on Accutane 3 times now sooo yeah definitely doesnt 'cure" everyone

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Just like the above poster i also did 3 courses and still have acne. My first 2 courses I was clear of all pimples/blackheads for 2 years each. For my last course i never stopped breaking out - ever so accutane was a big fail for me. It's not uncommon to have a relapse so try not to stress it. The good news is that a lot of topicals are more effective after tane so you may want to get on one asap to avoid your pores getting extremely clogged (like retin a or epido)

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thank you for your replies...

anyone else who can share his experience /w me? it would be very useful, i have no actives at the moment but im scared as shit it may come back

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