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Recommendations For Reliable Sources For Diy Scar Treatment

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Hey guys...

Anyone with good sources online for DIY scar treatment supplies? I need reliable sources for:

-TCA (preferably higher concentrations for CROSS treatments)

-Automated dermapen-like devices

I haven't found a reliable online source for TCA solutions that I can trust. I suspect a lot of them are industrial grade materials. I found some medical supply companies, but it's considered a hazardous material so they only ship to doctors.

As for the dermapen devices, there are tons of knockoffs online and I'm okay with buying a knockoff. There are just so many devices and sellers, I don't know what a reasonable price is to pay for one of those or which seller to trust. They range anywhere from $60 to $300 bucks for the Asian knockoff ones.

Anyone with some advice, please share. PM me if you don't want to publicly share info thanks.

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I am having the same dilemma. Like you said, there are thousands of sites now selling peels/rollers/miracle cures - it is so frustrating! Added to this problem is never being able to trust reviews or blogs as 90% of these seem to be affiliates. It is the same with Derms/Surgeons these days. Most are simply motivated by greed. I find it so tragic.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to offer anything constructive, I just wanted to tell you, I feel your frustration.

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No, I appreciate it. At least I know I'm not the only one. I guess the up side to all of this is that we are swamped by options, rather than having no options like many people just a few years ago.

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Yes, very true. When I started on my journey (or should I say nightmare), I didn't even have the internet. We are so lucky in that respect these days. Especially with these boards where we can share our experiences, discoveries and have eachothers back really. We are like a little army lol and one day we will win the battle!

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For the "official" stuff:

The official dermapen is ~$400 for the personal (fixed needles - sold with 0.5mm but you can swap out to 1.5mm ($75 for 5)) and although prices aren't listed, I'm gussing ~$700 for the professional and ~$1000+ for the medical version.

The my-m http://bellaireindustry.com/my_m.html you can get the official version for around $450-$500.

The mesopen http://www.bellaireindustry.com/mesopen.html - not sure on price.

The eclipse http://www.eclipsemicropen.com/ is around $3000 for a full medical starter kit with materials + needles and such.

Keep in mind disposable costs for the needles as well.

The you have the better quality knockoffs like:


Which IMO - I would rather pay extra for the "official" versions.

The cheap knockoffs, no idea - but I would be somewhat scared of blunt needles.

This thread might help as well :


Another option that can be looked into is a tattoo gun and doing "dry tattooing."

TCA you should be able to get here:


Scroll down for the higher concentrations. Ie I think :




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