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Underlying Cause Of Oily Skin.

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So I browse these forums a lot because acne was a big part of my life. Ever since 7th grade people always commented to me about my oily skin and it is in fact indeed oily. oily enough to see pools of oil seeping out my pores just 5-10 minutes after washing my face. 15 minutes in I'd have a nice layer of oil on my face no matter what. I've tried moisturizing, jojoba oil, aha, acv, fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin d, probiotics, but nothing seems to change. Moisturizing would leave a thick layer on my skin as if my skin couldn't absorb moisture. I don't really understand since my skin is always oily how my skin would be dry. I'm at the end of the road it seems. I bought these blotting papers around the size of an iPhone screen but I'd have to use at least 3 every 15-30 minutes which is a hassle. In the morning when I'd wake up I would probably need at least five. So im wondering if maybe I have a disease such as thyroid problem, low stomach acid, leaky gut? Really need help cause its embarrassing for a guy to have such an oily sheen on his face especially me riddled with scars like mine. Any insight from an expert here because I can guarantee no one had a face as oily as mine. Touching my face is more greasier than eating a burger with your bare hands. I've frequented these forums a lot so I already kind of know these automated answers people give me without full knowledge of what I am going through physically and emotionally. This is a desperate plea for help I'm 25 year old asian with pores that secrete enough oil to disrupt my livelihood I've lived through this for 10 years is there any hope?

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So I'm guessing that your pores are big.people who have bigger pores have more oily skin if you have very small pores that are not visible to the naked eye then you more than likely dont have oily skin or just a little bit.the main thing you need to solve is closing your pores.closing your pores will prevent oil from appearing on your skins surface.see think of it this way pretend you put olive oil on a table (thin layer)then put construction paper on top it will not pass through the paper.whereas if you did the same thing but you poked holes in the construction paper it will seep out of the holes and on to the surface of the paper or in other words on to your skin.So the main thing is you need to minimize your pores from what I've heard clay masks have a great effect on minimizing your pores but don't take my word for it I haven't tried it but I will soon my face is oily but I guess not as oily as you but you can see my pores if you looked at my face in my opinion if you can see someone's pores just by looking at them than they have big pores clay masks will tighten your pores and they have had excellent reviews you can get them at walmart try it out if your committed but before purchasing always do your research don't buy a brand of clay mask that doesn't work and waste your money on it when you could possibly by a cheaper better working brand of clay masks you don't have to use them but if you want the best results than you should use clay masks also continue blotting your face regularly even when using a clay mask it really helps and prevents you from getting a pimple oil=pimple trust me I would know:)I don't know if you'd take information from a 13 year old but trust me you wouldn't know how much acne/facial/skin research I've done try it out see if it works for you and if you saw an improvement with your pores get back to me with your results on the other hand if you didnt see any improvement whatsoever than you could cuss me out I probably deserved it anyway:)

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So I write a bloody essay explaining how you could solve your problem and BAM! It doesn't show up greatest day of my life..nvm it 4:00AM ok so as I said in the other reply oil seeps out of your skin because your pores are large enough for the oil to seep out if your skin so here's and example imagine you put olive oil on a table and put construction paper on top of it see the oil doesn't seep through the construction paper.whereas if you did the same thing but you poked holes in the paper and lay it on the olive oil see the first paper with no holes didnt seep out the oil but the second one would seep out oil due to the holes or in other words the holes(your pores) in the surface of the paper(your skin) allow the oil to seep out now the only way to make the oil stop seeping out of the paper is to patch the holes see it's the same thing with your pores you have to "patch them up" or in other words minimize your pores.how do you do that you say?well I've heard that clay masks work and help tighten your pores and it has gotten really good reviews I haven't tried it yet my pores aren't very large but to me if its visible to the naked eye than its big enough for alot of oil to seep out I'm like you once I started 7th grade at the beginning of the year (and the summer before school started) my face was uncontrollably oily.and I know how annoying it is.my theories as to why would be hormones but I noticed last year that my skin wasn't very dry nor oily it was normal but when it was summer (after 6th grade)I went to miami and I stayed outside too long at the pool and I got sunburned and at that time my skin started getting oily and my pores were larger than usual so if you go outside alot than plz plz plz wear sunscreen one that non comedegenic which basically means it won't clog your pores which also means you won't get acne clogged pores=acne/breakouts/pimples so WEAR SUNSCREEN I prefer the neutrogena one it's in walmart for sure and while your at it buy that clay mask:) I probably mentioned this already but don't take my word for it and research before you buy it I'm definitely going to be buying it too btw I would go to the walmart site and search clay mask on there and it shows the reviews so save your money and do your research before buying the product:)also those blotting papers you were talking about..well keep on using them oily skin=pimples and I know you don't want those so keep on blotting your face regularly take then with you when you go out places and if you go out and exercise then make sure you immediately cleanse your face/exfoliate it it's extremely important since your releasing those toxins out of your skin you don't want them on the surface of your skin so you can breakout and get back to me if you see an improvement with those clay masks a d if you don't then you can reply to me and cuss me out I probably deserve it anyways but either way I want to see the results and don't expect it to work the first day wait up maybe 2-3 weeks just to see major improvements:)you probably won't take any advice from a 13 year old but if you are really committed then you probably wouldn't give a damn if a turtle gave you advice:)hope this helps!!!

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thanks for taking the time to give your input, im kind of skeptical about this but to be honest everything pretty much hasnt worked for me. I'll def give it a try, does kind of make sense tho. I used to use sulfur masks, and they didnt really work for me either my face would just get oily as hell after. So clay mask i'll try, I actually do use the neutrogena sunscreen, but I'm actually not in the sun during my line of work so I dont think it's a major effect on me. And trust me, I've been through so much acne trauma, I dont expect it to go away in the first day. i'll keep you updated jenn on how it works out, but ultimately I'll probably try various things that people suggest together to cut down the experimenting. Any suggestions on claymasks? Brand wise that you prefer, and other brands that are good as well. thanks jen

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Ok so I found this product and it has five stars (well more than 4 1/2 which is pretty good) and it the play protected minimizing facial scrub and cleanser or whatever and it has alot of people that say it really does minimize your pores and some people are saying that nothing really worked for them when it came to closing pores but when they tried this it really helped!oh and catch this since you have extremely oily skin this also helps with that too!! Which is perfect for you and on the reviews it said that people have less breakouts and it also works for acne! This is like heaven I think I'm going to get this and probably the clay mask but this seems more persuasive since it cleans your pores,minimizes it,reduce breakouts,and less oily skin!!!its $7 by the way and it's at walmart I have a picture of it here check it out:)oh and you can see the stars for proof and how many people did reviews post-404849-0-92231300-1404457659_thumb.post-404849-0-92231300-1404457659_thumb.post-404849-0-92231300-1404457659_thumb.

Ughh I have no idea why it's blurry I keep on screenshotting it but you get the idea go to the walmart site to clearly see it sorry oh and in that reply it says play minimizing bla blah blah I actually meant Olay lmaoo


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