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Maca Powder Capsules. Your Experience?

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Hi all. I'm 23 years old, very physically active (gym 5 days a week) and eat moderately healthy. About 3 months ago I decided to go off the pill for health issues (abnormally high cholesterol - monofeme) and ever since I have suffered with terrible acne. I never had acne through high school (only the odd chin zit) and am putting it down to hormones. I dont want to visit my doctor because I prefer to take a natural approach to things before i proceed with synthetic drugs.

I have tried saw palmetto, pantothenic acid, spirulina (hawaiian), green / fruit smoothies, oil cleansing with grapeseed oil etc etc and nothing has helped much.

I recently purchased some Maca 500mg 4:1 (must be as potent at 2000mg/2grams) and was wondering if anyone has had any luck? I saw that Maca can flare up for some people, so I am opening my caplets and taking half the powder before i proceed with the full 500mg caplet.

Has anyone had success with this? And would i be better to take it with spirulina?

My acne is the cystic acne on the chin (hormonal) with the tiny acne on the forehead (toxicity - im thinking xenestrogens? from drinking from a plastic bottle all the time)

All answers would be helpful :)

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