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For the past 2-3 months I have struggled with a sudden strong increase in my acne. I've always suffered from breakouts but usually only got several around my period and was relatively clear the rest of the month. It started out with several pimples appearing on my right cheek and lots of clogged pores developing. Since then it has progressed to more and more clogged pores and a circle like shape of pimples on my right cheek that won't go away and keep forming new ones. My left cheek is relatively clear with the occasional one or two pimples and my forehead and chin/ t zone area hasn't gotten one in quite some time. I've tried changing my bed sheets not talking on the cellphone eating healthier and incorporating some exercise and nothing has helped. I started Junel fe 1/20 birth control because I figured it was a hormonal issue and am on the first week f the second pack I'm also 3 weeks into ziana topical gel which I know causes purging but i really haven't seen a difference from since before I started. I'm starting accutane at the end of the month and I'm upset that it has resulted to this but confident it will take care of the issue eventually. Has any one else experienced this a very mild breakout on only one cheek?

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That's weird you have that. I get it bad on my forehead but that's usually when I have my hair to long and when its soccer season. I would talk to your derm and see what he or she has to say.

Also I thought that acne around the mouth and chin was hormonal acne but I could be wrong.

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Look up chinese face mapping. Acne on your chin/ jawline is hormonal

Acne on your forehead is diet and stress and acne on your cheeks is diet/food allergies/too much dairy.

This might help?


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