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I love Accutane / Isotretinoin. I was on it 2 times. My younger bother was on it 3 times. Now, my son is on it (Absorica).

I'm a holistic eco-nature nerd. I've tried EVERYTHING. I learned to judge kindly and that there are no absolutes. There is also a lot of ignorance out there.

Post Accutane, I've been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen and I'm currently on Spironolactone.

I decided, since my son is now on Accutane (Absorica), it was time to tell my story. I've BEEN THROUGH IT ALL!!!

I had meant to share my story right here - but it ended up sooo long! OOPS. But, honestly, I felt that being truthful, open and comprehensive was the best approach. All or nothing. I wanted to give the whole story. So, I ended up pasting it in a blog I made. If it doesn't open for you, I can email or attach it in a different way. I hope to help someone!




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good blog! really good read, thank you.

one question, is there anyway to heal/remove those atrophic scars from picking/spots pustules? my skin looks rough on my cheeks and it depresses me a lot. i am now on accutane doing 20mg per day. lips peel and feel sensitive but other than that and a bit of dry skin on the chin i feel fine..

will my entire face start peeling at some point? thus removing those scars (i must point out at this stage that the scars (not red marks) are very shallow and not deep but their are many..

furthermore some of the small indents are red in nature and thus look like small spots... so frustrating :( sigh.

please respond, i need advise

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Thanks for that. My story is very similar, and it is nice to know that I am not alone. BC is the only thing that keeps me consistently clear, and I have been though Accutane twice after attempts to 'get off the pill and be natural'. I am 36 and I know I will always need something to keep my situation under control, but I'm okay with that now. Accutane and anti-androgens (you use spiro, I use Diane) have been a miracle for me. They have given me my life back, and it is sad that there is so much fear mongering out there, and so many people being led to think there is a magic potion for this. I know your story will help others like us.

Thanks again.

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