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Posted In 'general Forum' But No Replies......

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Hey guys.

I did post this is the general acne section but got no replies, didn't realise there was a specific hormonal section.

I've just found this forum on the internet and I'm hoping I can get some sensible, workable ideas from you all.

I am 42 years old and since the end of last year I have started suffering with severe what I think is 'hormonal' acne. I get extremely painful lumps, sometimes with white inside sometimes just red, on my chin and jawline. I also get small ones around the side of my nose and now have a similar thing in the corner of my eye.

I never suffered with acne as a teenager and was on the pill from the age of 15 until approximately 33. I've never had children but even during my pill free time my skin was fine. Its never been perfect but its been pretty OK.

I went to see my doctor at the beginning of this year and he started me on Yasmin (which I'd been on before) and it worked wonders. My skin cleared and was beautiful. But unfortunately during some routine bloodwork he found that I had a slightly raised cholesterol and took me off them.

He then told me there was nothing more 'regular' medicine could do for me and referred me to a dermatologist. Whilst this guy was very nice he asked me to bathe my skin in cold black tea and use Physiotens cream. This just made it worse.

In the previous 4 or so months it has got very much worse and rather than appearing around the time of my monthly cycle, its now there constantly and never goes away.

I went back to my med centre for a second opinion as its really starting to get me down and the new doctor has put me on Dianette. I'm on my second month now and cant see any improvement at all.

My skin is constantly dry and flaky where the spots are and as soon as one goes down a new one appears.

I try and maintain a 'clean' diet where I can and cut out bread and potatoes for a while but this didn't seem to help at all. I've tried using Agnus Castrus and that made no difference either.

I really am at the end of ideas, even after scouring the internet for months. Its really starting to depress me now cry.gif

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I'm sorry that you're struggling, SamuiLover! But please don't lose hope, as there are countless options to try. Also, remember that stress and focusing on problem skin only makes it worse. Try to stay happy and relax as much as possible. (:

Two months is not long enough to see changes in hormones in most cases. I would wait at least four, but sometimes it can take as long as six months to clear up. At that time, you can reevaluate your situation and make necessary changes.

If Dianette doesn't work for you, another pharmaceutical that works for many women is Spironolactone. Sometimes derms have issues prescribing it but it is very common. However, it also takes 3-6 months to work. When I took it, I didn't clear up until month 6. If you can't get it prescribed, there is an herb that is pretty similar (anti-androgen) called Saw Palmetto that you could try.

Other options are DIM which helps metabolize estrogen and is also a anti-androgen. Another is natural progesterone cream. NPC would probably be beneficial at your age. Search the boards or google for more information. Both worked well for me. Also, it is important to make sure that you are not deficient in vitamins, such as vitamin D which some people clear on alone. Whatever route you choose, you just have to remember that everyone's chemistry is different and what works for some won't work for others. You could get hormonal panels done but even with that information it will still include some trial and error.

Best of luck! I really hope that either your BCP starts to clear your skin soon or you find something else that works for you. (:

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