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I was on differin for about 11 weeks before I finally decided to stop torturing my face. I just kept hanging in there because I read about the initial breakouts, "oh you just have to hang in there, it's just purging"...well the purge just kept getting worse and worse. I got flaky, dry patches on my forehead, temple and right around my nose and mouth. I had cystic pimples, and my face broke out, including my chin and under my eyebrows, into tiny bumps that I'm still dealing with after a week of quitting. the hyperpigmentation has even gotten worse over the course of treatment...

sure it might work on some, but not me. I used it as directed. I kept switching cleansers because I thought that was the problem, from cetaphil to neutrogena gentle, wrong. I switched to different moisturizers, from cetaphil with spf 50 to neutrogena oil free moisture, wrong still. now I'm terrified of anything that has a "purging" for nobody can say exactly when the purge is supposed to stop, when is it no longer an initial breakout but actually the product messing up your skin? I keep thinking I should've stopped earlier, maybe I wouldn't have destroyed my skin so...I swear I can't even stand looking at my face or going out even to the mailbox now because my face looks so bad. I'd gladly take back the acne I had before I started that crap.

I just wanted to know if I should start Dan's regime or do I have to wait some period of time to let the differin get it of my system? if so how long would I have to wait?

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You can start Dan's Regimen without waiting. Word of advice though, stick to the products and stop switching. You confuse your skin even more. Also, be prepared to purge, most acne treatments will bring impurities to the surface.

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I've been prescribed differin a couple of times, and hated it equally each time. For some odd reason, Tazorac, which is technically "stronger" works better for me. Differin made my skin really raw and dry.

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Third this its taken me 8 months to recover my skin from Differin and Im still left with a ton of hyperpigmentation. Worst thing Ive ever used on my face.

I started Dans regimen after this Differin nightmare and its worked great. I would recommend it to you seen as differin didnt work out for you like me.

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I stuck to each face wash and moisturizer for a month each. I just kept trying to eliminate whatever else could be the culprit besides differin, until I finally just had to accept that I probably should've never asked my doctor for anything to help my acne when my face was not even half as bad as it was now.

thanks for the advice though guys. could anyone please tell me if there is a time limit for a "purge".?

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Your story is literally the same as my experience using differin my skin wasnt anywhere near as bad as it has been since using it.

Its taken me about 10 weeks to get clear after using DKR when I quit differin. Purging probably lasted about 3-4 weeks.

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