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Hi all, I'm having a problem. Three years ago I went to visit a dermatologist for my whiteheads and she prescribed me differin. The whiteheads cleared but about 6 months ago they came back. I can't go back to the dermatologist not affordable at the moments. I had a few whiteheads on my t-zone area I've tried everything to get rid of them cleansers, natural remedies, clay masks and baking soda but nothing.worked. Two months ago I started using tretinoin 0.05 (cream) I ordered it from overseas much cheaper than here. The first 2 weeks everything was fine no peeling or dryness but from weeks 3-5 purging big nasty zits and flakes but no redness. Weeks 6-8 the big zits cleared up but the whiteheads were red. Now 9-10 skin is very smooth but they're still a cluster of small red dots on both cheeks and new whiteheads. Forehead and chin also broke out on whiteheads. I'm on week 11. I don't know what to do I hate leaving the house because of this. I'm very depressed worst breakout if my life. I guess it's hormonal. I have a case of whiteheads I don't know if I should continue with the tretinoin or set my disgusting face on fire. I'm going into my 3rd month.

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Some people encourage you to stay with it for 6 months but for me, If by month 4 there is not progress - move on. BTW, the cream is known to have pore clogging ingredients so many recommend using the gel.

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