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Early 20S Acne Mess

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In the past year or so, my face has gone (for me, anyway) completely mad. I broke out in a cluster of spots on my cheek. Once they cleared up, they left a brown patch (which I've been able to lighten a bit with an oil-free moisturizer). However, the remaining patch is very susceptible to acne and breaks out into tiny bumps. In the past few months, though, these little bumps have also taken over the tops of my cheekbones and on either sides of my chin. I'm guessing they're blocked pores as they're *very* small.

I've always had large pores that are impossible to keep clear (pore strips don't work and facial scrubs are a good, but temporary fix as I can't very well exfoliate twice a day as my pores seem to require), so these blocked pores don't surprise me. But that acne-prone brown splotch is a little disconcerting.

My chin itself is a whole other story. It regularly breaks out into those big, painful "blind" spots that take forever to go away. Once they clear up, new ones come in a few days later. It's a never-ending cycle.

When I started having the face problems, my chest/decolletage area and my upper arms started breaking out as well. I don't squeeze or pick at them but they also leave nasty brown spots as they clear up (making me super self-conscious about wearing any short-sleeve top that doesn't go right up to my neck).

I have never had these problems before - aside from the occasional pubescent spot, my skin was always pretty clear (despite being dry and oily). I washed my face once a day with Noxema, used the occasional Biore strip (to little-to-no avail), and that was that. It was only around 22-23 that this all started. I do not wear makeup. I wash my face once a day (twice dries me out), use a face scrub 2-3 times a week, and use a light oil-free moisturizer daily. I've tried a clay mask but have found that it ever-so-slightly irritates my skin and makes me break out more.

In short - help! I feel like I'm going through a second puberty!

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