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Looking For Buddies To Do A No-Mirror Challenge

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I think that this part of the forum is one of my favorites! To be surrounded by people who feel what I feel and know that i won't be judged is God sent. With that said, I'm here to bare my soul. Been off all topicals for 6 weeks and breaking out after being mostly clear on the acne.org regimen for a year. I've done the topical route several times over as well as accutane 3 times to no avail and now, I have developed facial eczema which is brought on by harsh chemicals. Needless to say, I feel helpful. I'm giving diet a go once again as well as juicing but in the meantime, I plan to keep on living, laughing and loving despite how acne makes me feel.

This is where the support comes in. Would anyone like to join me in a no mirror challenge for 2 weeks? I have tried this and was able to make it for a few days but then my acne worsened and I had to look. The day to day fluctuations in my skin is stressing me out and is probably making a bad situation much worse. I don't need confirmation to know my face sucks.

Hoping others will join

Thanks for listening!

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I find the opposite more beneficial: I have a skin diary on my phone where I take pictures every single morning and evening of my bare face. So I stay focused on my journey not to foget that I must : eat my 100% clean diet, do my work outs, drink my water and exercise self respect and patience. Don't know if this will bring you something, better challenge the way you think about your acne.

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I think your aproach would work if diet was working for me and complience was the issue. I have done the diet route, very strictly in fact and have never seen an ounce of improvement after many months (and my acne wasn't even severe). Glad you sound something that works for you though.

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I'm on accutane,and i am doing a combination of both of your ideas guys.

I'm watching myself at the mirror,every 20 or 40 days. Between these amount of days,i can see drastic changes on my face,instead of doing it everyday and seeing no changes at all.

It works pretty well since,i'm not that obsessive about my acne at all now. I'm not hiding or being embarrassed for having nasty pimples and marks all over my face. Either way,when a big zip comes and i fell it with my hands,i kinda go back to 0 again,and start to fell bad about myself.

I'm just evading mirrors and letting accutane does it thing.

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I do like firenature's point about changing the way you think about acne maybe being more beneficial for some people. I think that's what will be the main thing for helping me, rather than avoiding mirrors completely.

I've noticed though that since you've been posting about avoiding mirrors, leelowe1, I think it's been of benefit to you / helping you manage all this - and that's the main thing - if it's helping you, then keep going with it! :) Hope it continues to help you out

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